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Classic LOLcat

basement cat classic classics laser stare - 6336149248
Created by Unknown

Animal Gifs: This Would Have Exponentially Improved That Movie

best of the week cat Cats chase gifs guns laser laser pointers Movie - 6300025088
Created by Unknown


danger end eyes laser mirror stare - 6232198912
See all captions Created by Me555

Until then I will practice on that annoying little moving red light in the living room

dark dot laser night red - 6220119296
See all captions Created by hmph

Animal Gifs: Death-Defying Laser Chase

cat Cats chase hang laser laser pointers lasers stairs - 6157180672
Created by Unknown

Depression Hurts.

cat depression laser lolcat play red dot Sad - 6069475072
See all captions Created by Unknown

All ai need iz a stool

arms cat dot laser play Reach so close - 6037292032
See all captions Created by Neom1999

Animal Gifs: Fish Laser Chase

aquarium chase chasing fish gifs laser play tank water - 6000039168
Created by Unknown

Think positive, lil' kitteh

caption captioned cat catch kitten laser optimistic red dot today - 5815583488
See all captions Created by 317537

I swear i saw it earlier

caption captioned cat Cats confused dot laser red stairs swear testimony trick wall - 5710301184
See all captions Created by Unknown


acting like animals beluga beluga whale belugas blowing laser meme trick water - 5473448192
Created by Unknown


bears bears with laser eyes caption contest laser wtf - 5311594752
Via chonostoff
baby cat Hall of Fame kitten laser meowing sound Video wildcat - 25941761


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Business cat enjoys Happy Hour

after alcohol Business Cat caption captioned cat chasing day drink drinking hard laser martini - 5086675712
See all captions Created by nikki_newton

Kitteh Sniper

caption captioned cat enemies laser laser pointer sight sniper tabby too many - 4899396608
See all captions Created by Oddcatt

Ah, so the button for the zappy pow thing goes there not there...

laser new please read thanks warning whatbreed - 4763022336
See all captions Created by AngelAndz