I Can Has Cheezburger?


The tenth entry of Meowmoirs diary of a cat thumbnail includes a picture of a cat looking at a red laser dot menacingly then name of the entry and a quote from it 'Text - Meowmoirs: The Laser Pointer December 11, 2020 "I charged my run with my powerful butt wiggle, but the moment I had the dot under my paws, it ICAN HAS BURGER was gone."'

Meowmoirs: December 11, 2020 The Laser Pointer

Earnie tries to catch the slippery Red Dot of Evil.
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beam amazed laser Cats Video - 88885505

Watch These Adorable Kitty Cats Amazed By Laser Beam

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Either Open This Door...... Or STAND BACK!

door vision open laser caption Cats - 8972952320
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It's Not Just Kittehs...

cute laser fish Cats - 7823313152
Created by Unknown

Best Use Practices for Your New E-11CAT Blaster Rifle

animals Cats laser star wars - 8482063104
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They Should Really Put Warning Labels on These Things

bath electricity eyes laser whatbreed - 2052574976
See all captions Created by lummox

St Patrick's Day Lasers Activated

animals green St Patrick's Day eyes laser Cats - 8463752192
See all captions Created by Alan_Smithee

Troll the Googie

gifs huskies laser - 8320842240
Created by anselmbe
list gifs red dot world cat day laser Cats funny - 301573

20 Cats and That Ultimate Prey...THE RED DOT!

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Kitty Bowling

Cats clever bowling gifs funny laser - 8161654272
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.youtube.com )

Doggies Like the Red Dot Too!

red dot confused laser funny - 8020842752
Created by Unknown

There's Always Tomorrow!

kitten red dot tired laser Cats - 8004565760
Created by Unknown

Say it Ain't so, Human...Say it Ain't so...

Cats betrayal laser realize - 7957508608
Created by Unknown

This Game Bores Me...Revive the Red Dot!

Cats funny red dot laser video games - 7948804864
Created by Unknown

A Truly Valiant Effort

gifs red dot chase laser Cats funny - 7941617152
Created by Unknown

It Just Keeps Coming Back!

Cats confused destroy red dot laser - 7926333696
Created by Unknown
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