I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures of huge dogs sitting in people's laps thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a huge dog sitting in a woman's lap and another of a dog sitting on a guy who's sitting in a chair

Huge Dogs That Still Want To Be Lapdogs

Once a lapdog, always a lapdog.
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Couple Create "Fake Lap" For Their Clingy Cat | fake human legs and lap made from stuffed pants with shoes attached at the bottom propped up on a sofa like a person sitting and a calico cat curled up on them

Couple Create "Fake Lap" For Their Clingy Cat

"Fake Lap" For Clingy Cat
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big lap - 1913861

10 Big Puppers That Think They're Lap Dogs

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Almost There!

animals cat caption computer lap mine more two - 8812047104
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Look At Me, I Am The Lap Dog Now

funny animal image of dog sitting on other dogs head
Via pheo

Don't Keep Me Waiting!

lap cat couch now human sitting planning - 8587585024
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Well, If You Insist

lap captions Cats funny - 8422648576
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I May Or May Not Be Interested

animals lap cat - 8503125504
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You May Continue to Try and Work if You Want

lap work - 8406380288
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Just One Big Baby

lap snuggle - 7847666432
By Unknown

Luv Specialist

cuddles great dane lap special Office love - 6940176640
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Cat People Problems

cramp lap itch move cat people pee asleep problems comic Cats - 7013269504
Via Kate or Die!

Lap Owl

petting lap gifs birds owls scritches squee - 6994374656
By Unknown

What are you doing down there?!?

lap pug o hai surprise what are you doing smile - 6898512896
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Are Gonna Finish That?

lap sandwich eating what breed - 6656290560
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Staff Picks: And so begins the downhill slide...

staff picks relationship baby milk lap drink thirsty - 6648586752
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