I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 cat tweets about pointing at cats | thumbnail includes a photo of two cats and the text 'If you point at your cat they don't know what to do'

Cute Cat Sees A Finger Pointed At Them: A Twitter Thread

What was the purrrrpose?
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list of photos of cats on leashes | thumbnail includes a photo of a cat at a national park and the text 'can we start a thread of responsible cat ownership?!!!! show me your kitties'

Twitter Thread: Awwdorable Cats Being Super Responsible

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video of cat walking little girl to school | thumbnail is a girl walking with a cat along a road

Adorable Cat Walks Child To Bus Stop (Video)

Pawz and take a look!
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a twitter thread about cats and Michael Clifford | thumbnail includes a photo of michael clifford and a cat with the text 'proofs that michael clifford is a kitten: a thread'

12 Kitties That Look Like Just Like Michael Clifford, 5SOS Singer And Guitarist

What do cats and 5 Seconds of Summer share?
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list of this week's funniest cat tweets | thumbnail includes a blue gradient and the tweet 'When you give a cat a treat would the human equivalent be like someone giving you, like, a skittle, or more like a hot pocket?' and 'My cat must think l'm so dumb considering how often I sing to him about the fact that he is a cat.'

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (October 22)

Hissterical Tweets
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a bunch of photos of tabby cats | thumbnail includes two photos of adorable tabby cats

Terrific Tabbies And Where To Find Them: 12 Pawsome Photos Of Tabby Cats

A Fan-cat-stic Compilation!
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list of cute photos and funny tweets about the zen garden cat | thumbnail includes photo of the zen garden cat and text 'Well I did say I needed more non-work hobbies to relax me'

Feng All The Shui With The Cat That Was Turned Into A Zen Garden

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a list of funny tweets about people's crazy cat origin stories

Twitter Users Share Their Cat Lady Origin Stories With The World

Cat lady stories are the best stories.
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sad man asks the internet to cheer him up by showing photos of their pets, people oblige | thumbnail includes

Internet Bands Together To Cheer Up Man Using Wholesome Photos Of Fur Babies

Everyone could use a pick me up sometimes.
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funny twitter thread: do you tell your pet you're leaving the house? | thumbnail includes picture of two dogs with the text ' When you leave your home do you let your pets know when you should be back?' and 'Of course! And I always say, "I love you, boys, make good choices" as I walk out the door.'

Pets React To Their Humans Leaving The House: Super Silly Twitter Thread

Who let the dogs out?
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This week’s collection of cat tweets | thumbnail includes two tweets of cat photos, text reads 'She is auditioning to become a throw rug.' and 'A (very) rich evening loaf today, friends?'

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (October 15)

Everybody's purring for the weekend.
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an article about a cat sanctuary in Greece | thumbnail includes a cat sitting on the beach and a cat on the left sitting on a cliff by a stone wall

Cat Sanctuary On Greek Island

Welcome to paradise
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video of cat following its owner everywhere | thumbnail left cat on shoulder of owner, thumbnail right cat staring out of car window

Awwdorable Kitty Follows Owner Everywhere (Video)

Bonded for life.
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posts about cats causing mischief | thumbnail includes two photos of cats, left cat is standing next to a broken tv, right cat is standing next to a messy bed

Out Of Control Cats: Photos Of Cats Being Complete Hooligans

Oh no...
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tweets of cats looking lovingly at their humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat hugging a person and looking up at them and one tweet 'Cat - why you should have a cat @CatsPics_ ... I want someone to look at me like this 9:19 PM - Oct 3, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 42.6K Retweets 2,002 Quote Tweets 263K Likes'

Cats Looking At Their Humans With Love In Their Eyes (Tweets)

So much love <3
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fun game, spot the hidden cats inside of the photos | thumbnail includes a cat hiding under a bench and a cat sitting in a hedge, semi hidden

12 Cats Hiding In Plain Sight: Fun Spot The Cat Game

Find the cat
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