I Can Has Cheezburger?


| thumbnail includes text saying 'Why did I buy u a 200$ cat bed if ur gonna sleep in garbage' and a cat picture

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (December 24)

Pawsome Tweets!
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a hilarious video about a woman trying to smuggle her emotional support lynx on a plane | thumbnail includes two screenshots and the text 'It is not a child! It's not a baby, it's a cat'

Woman Attempts To Take 'Emotional Support Lynx' On Plane

This has got to be a joke...
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cute cats that lost weight and got less chonky | thumbnail includes text saying 'before' and 'after'

Cats That Got De-Chonked And Lost A Ton Of Weight

Awwdorable Absolute Units
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a reddit thread about a boyfriend who is trying to steal his girlfriend's cat on reddit | thumbnail includes text saying '. We agreed that he'd fly the cat back with him because he was supposed to visit me in Jan 2022. Then all of a sudden he revealed to me over text that if his mom decided to keep our cat he would let her.'

Man Tries To Give His Girlfriend's Cat Away: Reddit Storytime

How will he get away with this?
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of an African footed cat 'Cat - This is the African black-footed cat, the world's deadliest cat. It has a 60% success rate when it hunts. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. I wanna rub its belly.'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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the 50 best cat tweets of 2021 from @TranslatedCats | thumbnail includes text saying 'Mom said she was afraid that she bought it and misunderstood. She stepped on her own grandchild.'

50 Best Tweets Of 2021 From 'TranslatedCats': Purrfect Kitties

The funniest tweets of 2021!
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a story about a blind and deaf cat who was born and the advice that people gave | thumbnail includes text saying 'I had a cat with cerebellar hyperplasia. He was born deaf, had a bit of a bobble head motion going on, and walked in circles a lot. I loved this cat like crazy. He could do pretty much anything the other cats could, just not with as much grace.'

Advice For Taking Care Of A Deaf And Blind Kitten: Wholesome Thread

The Hellen Keller of cats.
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the 50 best cat memes of 2021 | thumbnail includes text saying 'Some kids are just weird' and 'Thank goodness we are back in stock'

Recapping 2021 With The 50 Best Cat Memes

A timeless classic
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an adorable thread where people share stories of rehabilitating feral cats | thumbnail includes text saying '4 months ago, I saw a small kitten in the woods behind my property, I didn’t think it would survive. I’ve been luring closer to my house feeding it every night. It’s very wild. Finally got it  to sleep on my porch this week. It let’s me pet it now. I’m trying to give it a home.'

Twitter Users Share Their Feral Cat Adoption Stories: Pawdorable Thread

Pawsitive stories!
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Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a scared black cat 'Cat - When someone you don't like puts their weird hand on your shoulder' and a cat under a blanket phone surrounded by phones 'Cat - Our cat is obsessed with blanket forts, so we made him this. He has wares, if you have coin.'

Caturday Hullaballoo About To Ensue: Fresh Cat Memes

Happy Caturday!
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cat snaps cats snapchat animals lol funny cute aww wholesome uplifting adorable | know bug got into my apartment three cats sitting together on top of a cat tree looking up toward the same spot | black cats are so underrated sweet kitten

When In Doubt, Bring The Cat Snaps Out (16 Cat Snapchats)

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video of two of the world's smallest kittens being returned to their mother to the wild | thumbnail includes a photo of the world's smallest kitten

Kind Humans Help World's Smallest Wild Kittens Return To Their Mother (Video)

Tiny but fierce.
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list of this week's funniest cat tweets | thumbnail is a tweet saying ' the feminine urge to let your cat sniff anything you're holding or eating so that way they feel included'

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets

Hissterical Tweets
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes two pictures including four kittens on a bed and four cats on a windowsill '7 years ago a stray cat gave birth to 4 kittens in my backyard and then never returned! I never had a cat before, and thought I wasn’t a “cat person”. I told myself I would take care of them and then find them good homes-obviously I was wrong about a lot of things. u/Psychological_Key_96'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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a story about a man asking his girlfriend to abandon her pet cats in order to be with him | thumbnail includes text saying 'He turned around and got upset with me saying that I really was letting a big decision like this be affected over some cats. That really hurt'

Man Tries To Convince Girlfriend To Abandon Her Cats

What would you do?
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collection of Facebook comments about cats being adopted | thumbnail includes a picture of three black cats and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Julie Dean Wingett These three sweeties (three months old at the time) were found in the parking lot of my husband's office. A few hours later, they had a forever home! OD 38 Like Reply Hide · 1w'

A New Collection Of Wholesome Cat Adoption Stories From ICanHas Users

An ICanHas wholesomeness special <3
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