I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 reddit text images aita for turning away guests after they arrive with dogs | thumbnail blue background with text "AITA for turning away guests who flew in for Christmas because they didn’t tell me they’d be bringing a dog? I told him I didn’t think “whole family” implied he was flying the pets down with him and I was sorry but I couldn’t have them in the house."

Man Invites Friend's Family For Holidays, Turns Them Away When They Arrive With Two Dogs

Holiday szn is winding down but the drama keeps coming
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christmas birds snow ruthf birdwatching winter animals holidays - 16024581

The Prettiest Winter Birbs Photographed By Birdwatchers This Season

pretty birds!
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27 images and comments of pets near christmas trees | thumbnail orange tabby cat sitting beside christmas tree "Kathy Ware Larry plotting 2nd attack on bells hanging from the tree shelf OD 11 Like · Reply · Hide · Send Message 20h"

Angelic And Devious Pets Rockin Around The Christmas Tree: ICanHasUsers Edition

Adorability with a Christmas twist
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21 images and gifs of cats with christmas trees | thumbnail left cat climbing up christmas tree, thumbnail right cat hanging off of christmas tree

Hooligan Cats Left Alone Near The Christmas Tree

'Tis the season
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video of santa diving with sharks | thumbnail two images of santa underwater with sharks

Jolly Santa Goes For A Swim With Sharks (Video)

Gone for a swim, back next Christmas
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a roundup of holiday cards with pets in them or on them | thumbnail includes text saying 'wreck the hall and blame the doggies' as well as two Christmas cards

The Best Animal Christmas Cards Of 2021

Happy Paw-lidays!
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cute videos on tiktok of dogs celebrating Christmas | thumbnail includes photos of three separate dogs celebrating christmas

Cutest Tiktoks Of Dogs Getting Ready For Christmas

Yuletide and good boys!
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12 images and gifs of cats with advent calendars | thumbnail left black cat with cat nip from advent calendar, thumbnail right tabby cat with cat advent calendar

Festive Felines Enjoying Cat Advent Calendars, Countdown To Christmas

Cat advent calendars, mind blown
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a list of cute dogs celebrating hanukkah | thumbnail includes one dog wearing a menorah costume, and a second dog dressed in a kip[ah with a menorah next to him

Delightful Dogs Showing Some Hannukah Spirit

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a series of cute tweets and photos of cats celebrating Christmas and the holiday spirit | thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'we made my dad dress up as santa so my could take santa pictures'

Super Cute Cats Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

Merry Cat-mas!
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a list of reindeer gifs for christmas | thumbnail includes a photo of a man riding a reindeer and a photo of a reindeer under the northern lights

Majestic Reindeer Gifs Because Christmas Is In 28 Days

The natural beauty of reindeer!
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12 reddit based text images | thumbnail "Your home your decision. I can't see how they get to demand anything when it is your house. DO NOT offer to pay for a hotel. I'm not even sure at this point l'd offer to let them stay at my house even with my dog. The entitlement of people amazes me. There are ONLY way 3 reasons l'd say to board your dog: if someone has an allergy "

Family Requests Thanksgiving Host Board His Dog In Kennel, Host Refuses And Even Offers To Pay For Hotel

Not today, not ever
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13 tweets and images of black cats near christmas trees | thumbnail left black cat staring up at christmas tree thumbnail right tweet text "O patty O @misspattyphatty if ur sad look at my cat admiring the christmas tree 8:46 AM - Nov 9, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 36.7K Retweets 1,514 Quote Tweets 289.4K Likes"

Adorable Black Cats Rocking Around The Christmas Tree This Holiday Season

It's holiday szn
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article with information about how to keep your pets safe this winter | thumbnail includes two photos of seasonal holiday animals and text 'how cold is too cold for my pet?'

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Pets Happy And Safe This Winter

Have a purrfect holiday season!
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video of otters eating meatballs at home | thumbnail left two otters with bucket of meatballs in middle, thumbnail right otter reaching into bucket of meatballs

Awwdorable Otter Sibling Duo Super Excited About Chicken Meatballs (Video)

Hiya folks! Today we stumbled across a little slice of cuteness in the form of a video of two otters getting excited for some chicken meatballs and felt obliged to share it with all of you! We've met this otter sibling duo before, these videos by YouTube user KOTSUMET always put a smile on our faces. KOTSUMET lives in Japan and owns two Asian Small-Clawed Otters named Hana and Kotaro. Hana and Kotaro aren't just randomly eating chicken dumplings, no, no. There is a very special reason for this …
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17 instagram pictures and tweets about international cat day | thumbnail left dolly parton tweet, thumbnail right taylor swift and selena gomez holding cat, tweet text foreground

Celebrating International Cat Day 2021 With A Purrific Feline Mash Up

Hello to all of our cat lovers out there near and far! In case you didn't get the memo, we are celebrating our favorite holiday of the year! We might be a couple days late, but we're going to party so hard that you won't be able to tell! Meow. That's cat for let's get this party started. It's International Cat Day, can we get a heck to the yeah? A cause for celebration like this comes once a year, so stock up on tuna cans and cat nip, because this could get wild. Let's learn a bit more about ho…
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