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That is One Cute Baby Hippo!

Babies bath cute hippo swim tub squee - 7908584192
Video hippo - 54474241

Hip Hip Hippo!

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Hipp Hipp Hooray!

hippo - 7684707072

Big Kisses

kisses cute hippo - 7543461120
Created by sixonefive72

Victory on the High C's

singing funny hippo - 7555857152
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Baby Hippo Would Like Mom's Attention

underwater Babies mama squee hippo hippopotamus - 6788558080
Via Michael Kappeler

Just One Moment of Your Time

excuse me nope chasing running door to door hippo - 6788968192


splashing baby mommy squee hippo hippopotamus - 4255957248
Created by sixonefive72

I Throw My Ha- WAIT.

wait song hands ayo hippo - 6661269504
See all captions Created by DaffodilWax

Hungry, Hungry Hipster

strong hipster vegan hippo hungry hungry hippos - 6644194816
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

I Could Only Have One or Two Marbles at Most

thinking board game leaves hippo hungry hungry hippos - 6649259264
See all captions Created by TallGeekyGirl

A Little Light, Though

hungry fat eating happy hippo - 6643443456
See all captions Created by DocJ

'Cause We Gon' Rock This Swamp

hippo hippopotamus hands up ayo song categoryvoting-page - 6588285696
See all captions Created by Concakes

Daily Squee: Mama's Shadow

baby hiding hippo hippopotamus mommy protecting shadow - 6352013056
Created by sixonefive72

Daily Squee: Backpack Hippos

baby backpack bath hippo hippopotamus squee - 4302815232
Created by LadyRainicorn-Gab

Daily Squee: Learning to Swim

baby hippo hippopotamus mommy squee swimming - 6310693632
Via Just Call Me Lynn