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baby tongue Video hippo suckling - 85990913

Is There Anything Cuter Than a Baby Hippo Suckling in Her Sleep?

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baby zoo bath pool Video hippo - 84950273

Premature Baby Hippo Gets Her First Bath in a Kiddie Pool

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Video hippo - 83909377

Pro Tip: Never Drive Too Close to a Hippo

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photoshop battle of a smiling hippo emerging from the water

This Picture of a Goofy Hippo Got a Photoshop Battle

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Rescued Baby Rhino and Hippo Have a Very Special Bond

rescued baby rhino and hippo have very special bond
Via Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage

Baby Hippo Ear Wiggles

Via ion_citat

Not so Graceful Baby Hippo Rolls Around Underwater

Via SlimJones123
zoo watermelon Video hippo - 79730433

Hippos Can Eat a Watermelon in One Big Bite!

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dentist teeth Video hippo - 79537409

Watch a Not so Hungry Hippo Get a Teeth Cleaning

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Ready For Snacks Pls

cute hippo - 8746722304
Via animalbabies

Rare Pink Hippo Seen in Kenya

Via New York Post
cute Video hippo - 75926273

This Pygmy Hippo Baby is the Cutest Hippopotamus You'll See All Week

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crocodile cute Video hippo - 74882049

This Baby Hippo Likes to Live on the Edge and Play With Crocodiles

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cute watermelon Video hippo - 74763777

Watch These Hungry, Hungry Hippos Eat Watermelons Whole

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cute Video hippo rescue - 74526721

A Wild Hippo Still Comes Home to Visit Her Human Parents Who Rescued Her as a Baby

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gifs cute hippo - 73925633

Hug Me!

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