I Can Has Cheezburger?


It's Important to Brush Your Spikes Every Night!

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Undeniable Squee!

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Everybody Loves Watermelon in the Summertime!

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Spiky Albino Cuteness

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cute hedgehog vine tickle - 62755073

Tickle Tickle!

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Dis Kitteh is Scratchy

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My Crime Fighting Quills are Tingling!

cute hedgehog flying - 8251099136
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Are You Gonna Give Me Tickles?

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That Basket Gets Straight to the Point

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A Spiky Sunbather

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Is That Weird Looking Giraffe Behind Me Again?

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I Taste Amazing!

cute hedgehog - 8189034496
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Sleepy Hedgehog

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Spiky Snaggletooth

cute hedgehog teeth - 8177564672
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I'm Gonna Getcha!

cute hedgehog shoes prank - 8174962944
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