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FINALLY, They Made a Live Action Movie of Sonic the Hedgehog

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Pig On A Blanket

adorable blanket cute hedgehog nuzzling pig pun reader squees snuggling sweet tiny - 4199093248
Created by Sela

That New Trainer Is A Bit Prickly

animals trainer hedgehog working out - 8489534976
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Prickled Sleep

asleep bundle curled up hedgehog nap nap time prickly sleeping - 4496877824

Bathtime for Hedgehogs

bath clean cute faucet gifs hedgehog sink water - 6450315776

Boris the Hedgehog

reader squee spines hedgehog pet squee - 6798969088
Created by Unknown

You Are So Lucky With Your Built-In Hammock

face hedgehog smile - 3770042368
Created by Desiree

The Ol' Receeding Quill Line

animals hedgehog - 8439099392
See all captions Created by tentilizer

The Water is Perfect For Floatin

bath cute hedgehog - 8431117568
Via teamgermany

Makes Me Want to Curl up in a Ball and Stay Home

animals puns hedgehog - 8401064448
See all captions Created by JimPrice

Yes, This Pleases Me

bath time cute hedgehog - 8396758272
Via King_of_limbz

Sprinkles are a Poor Substitute for Centipede Legs, too

gross cupcake Party hedgehog noms - 8393533952
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

I'd Take Half a Dozen of This Cutie

cute hedgehog muffins - 8393339392
Via that_swint_guy

Do I Smell Better Now?

bath cute hedgehog - 8387217920
Via Sir_Quilson

One Wonderfully Wild Friendship

puppy BFFs cute hedgehog - 8387222784
Via refrescameesta

What is This Magic?

animals brush hedgehog Cats magic - 8388068352
See all captions Created by Unknown