I Can Has Cheezburger?


video about a retriever being rescued | thumbnail includes photo of the Labrador retriever after being rescued

Rescued Golden Retriever Looks Completely Different (Video)

Before and after!
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13 images surrounding goat rentals for zoom calls | thumbnail left cute white goat, thumbnail right goat on zoom call with several people

Farm Rents Out Goats For Zoom Conference Calls At $6.80 Per 5 Minutes

This just in- goats on zoom we repeat goats on zoom
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tumblr thread about animals getting wrapped up in blankets | thumbnail includes a picture of a lizard wrapped up in a blanket and one tumblr post 'Font - vet-and-wild Follow The best restraint tool in vet med is a towel, hands down. Do you know how many things I've restrained with a towel? Angry cat? Burrito it. Scared bunny? Burrito it. Tiny squish faced dog that you cant get a muzzle on? Burrito it. Screaming macaw? Burrito it. Injured wildlife? Burrito it. I burritoed an'

Tumblr Thread: Burrito-ing Animals Is Always The Right Way To Go

Sometimes, taco-ing works as well.
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18 text based images embarrassing dog incidents | thumbnail text : " Proudly walked my newly-arrived 6yo pristinely- housetrained rescue poodle to my very fav neighborhood cafe which allows pristinely- housetrained dogs inside and new doggo went straight behind the counter and peed on a giant sack of coffee beans "

Users Share Their Most Embarrassing Doggo Incidents

The list goes on and on
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20 frog memes | thumbnail left frog tweet "youtube transcribed this frogs ribbits" thumbnail right frog meme on tiny cart

20 Ribbit Worthy Frog Memes

Laugh and ribbit your way through this series
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20 dog snaps | thumbnail left dog peeking from under human's lap criss cross "I just want to dine in peace" thumbnail right dog hiding on top shelf "she saw a mouse"

Doggo Snaps Of Pawsitivity And Good Vibes

Pawsitive vibes and energy
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27 cat memes | thumbnail left cat with brain image meme "why is it always thinking" thumbnail right cat big step "he make big steppy"

Purrfectly Curated Selection Of Silly Kitty Memes

Feline humor
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imgur thread about a cat choosing a human to adopt | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat and a cat sleeping on a man 'I got adopted by George. George found me in an alley at 2 am last Friday night. Crying out to me, starved and malnourished. SkullSplitter00'

Thread: Stray And Malnourished Cat Picks A Human To Adopt

Sometimes, they adopt us <3
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video of duck and german shephard being introduced | thumbnail image of german shephard and duck sitting away from each other on couch

German Shephard Meets Duck For First Time And His Reaction Is Filmed (Video)

Who dis
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25 toe bean cat images | thumbnail right meme toe beans with electricity, electric toe beans, thumbnail left image of orange cat lying down with toe beans exposed

Delicious Feline Toe Beans To Sprinkle Atop A Purrito

Red black pinto and more
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12 tweet images owl running through field | thumbnail left original image owl running through field, thumbnail right two owls running through field one with sword and shielf one with knife tweet text "oh lawd he comin"

Twitter Users Go Off On Image Of Owl Running: Hilarity And Lots Of Memes Ensue

Viral owl is comin for ya
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'We adopted Miss Kitty yesterday from the shelter. 8 years old, one tooth left, a congenital foot defect causing a limp, and overweight. She'd been at the shelter since December. We couldn't leave her there. She's a love bug. Such a sweet girl. So lucky to find her. u/blonde1155'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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20 cat memes | thumbnail left white cat on computer "they do have it, fancy feast pumpkin spice" thumbnail right cat surrounded by toilet paper "What? is my halloween costume a mummy"

Top 20 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #214

Weekly dose of original cat memes
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video about a couple rescuing and adopting a sparrow and the bird not leaving them alone | thumbnail includes two pictures of a sparrow sitting on a woman

Couple Rescues Wild Sparrow And Now She Refuses To Leave Them (Video)

She truly, truly loves humans.
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tweets about unexpected and strange adoption stories | thumbnail includes a picture of a man and a woman holding a dog and one tweet 'Smile - The dog life. @TDogsLife ... This family lost their dog during hurricane Sandy. After 18 months of searching they decided it was time to adopt another dog. The adoption counsellor bought in the first candidate for them to meet and it was actually their lost dog. 3:40 PM Oct 16, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 2,520 Retweets 418 Quote Tweets 29.1K Likes'

Uniquely Heartwarming And Unexpected Adoption Stories (Twitter Thread)

Unexpected but so heartwarming <3
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video of alpaca spitting on woman after she tries to feed him a carrot | thumbnail alpaca post spitting on woman, she leans back surprised and irked "disgusted alpaca spits at tourist"

Woman Tries To Feed Alpaca, Rejects Her Offering And Proceeds To Spit In Her Face (Video)

Guess he doesn't like carrots
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