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Is Your Cat Healthy?

is your cat an ideal weight? check this general guide to see if your cat is a healthy weight. very underweight: ribs spine and pelvic bones are easily visible bones are just under the skin little or no muscle mass. underweight: obvious waist ribs spine and pelvic bones visible minimal abdominal fat/ribs can be easily felt. ideal: even muscle mass all parts of the body appear well proportioned ribs spine and pelvic bones not visible but easily felt minimal abdominal fat obvious abdominal tuck
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New Study Suggests Dog And Cat Owner's Tend To Live Longer

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New Study Shows Owners Who Sleep With Their Dogs Are More Well Rested

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Oregon Zoo Shares Some "Gothy" X-Ray Images Of Animals During Health Checks

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new research about the affect of dog ownership on health

Want To Live Longer? Get a Dog

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Why Scratching is Vital for Your Cat’s Health And Well Being

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list of foods that are not healthy for your dog

10 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

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Researches show that owing a pet can improve your health - cover image of woman holding a dog in sunshine.

8 Ways Pets Improve Your Health

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San Diego Zoo's Two-Toed Sloth Baby Gets Its First Health Check Up

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Sound advice

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Live Fast, Die Young

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Ever Wondered What Your Dog Has Done Today? Kickstarter Has an Idea: PitPat

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Overweight Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds!

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You DO sound sick.

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