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5 TikTok videos of cats and 5 reasons why people don't deserve them | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a woman laying in bed with a cat and one close up of a cat 'Cats are free physical therapy with whiskers In fact cat owners are 30% less likely to have a stroke Kids that grow up with cats are less likely to develop conditions like asthma or hayfever'

5 Reasons Why We Don't Deserve Cats Backed Up By TikTok Science

The bottom line is cats are the best
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26 before and after photos of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes a before and after photo of an orange rescued cat

Power Of Love: 26 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Were Loved Back To Health

These hoomans are the most amazing hoomans ever
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17 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted their angry cat post bath and funny comments | Thumbnail includes two photos of an angry tortoiseshell cat post bath 'I bathed my cat. Do you think I should run?'

Hooman Gives Cat A Bath And Now Has 7 Days To Vacate

It's over for you, hooman
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15 screenshots from a reddit post of someone venting about the danger of social media | Thumbnail includes screenshot of part of reddit post 'Social media "dog pros" are dangerous, I feel awful because she does support a lot of good things, like say no to doodles and enriching your dog, exercising them, and not allowing your dog off leash without perfect recall. But these two major focuses of her account really seem dangerous to me and it's a trend I notice a lot on social media. There are'

Redditors Discuss The Dangers Of Social Media And Pro-Dog Influencers

Influencers influencing
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Twitter thread of everything you need to know about the Bernese Mountain Dog | Thumbnail includes two pictures of Bernese Mountain Dogs 'So you want to welcome a Bernese Mountain Dog into your life? Here is a thread of very important things you need to know.'

Adopting A Bernese Mountain Dog: A Thread About Everything You Need To Know Beforehand

Calling all large doggo lovers
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Reddit thread of users discussing whether their dogs like to eat vegetables | thumbnail includes blue background with screenshot from reddit thread 'Today, I found a pile of celery in various stages of decomposition under a rack in the storage room. The little shit has been taking his celery and hiding them, then running back for his treat. He immediately booked it after he saw I found his stash and called him over. Now he won't even look at me like HE'S the one offended.'

Crafty Doggo Figures Out A Way To Not Eat His Vegetables Yet Still Get A Treat

Dog vs. Vegetable
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video of a woman rescuing an axolotl who was previously neglected by its owners | thumbnail includes two pictures of an axolotl in a water tank

Rescuing A Previously Neglected Axolotl And Gently Nursing It Back To Health (Video)

This video is nothing but wholesomeness and kindheartedness.
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Hi I'm an EMT and service dog handler and I have some tips for how to keep your dog safe in the car and how to get help EMS care for them in an accident." "Based off of crash tests the best place for your dog is in the rear seat. There are crash tested harnesses that you can buy and secure your dog with. A dog roaming freely becomes a projectile in even minor accidents. Crash tested kennels and crash tested car harnesses are your best bet."

EMT And Service Dog Handler Advises Reddit On How To Best Protect Dogs In Car Accidents

Better safe than sorry
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video of a severely overweight cat starting to lose weight | thumbnail includes a picture of an obese orange cat

18-Year-Old Mega-Chonker Senior Cat Starts Life-Changing De-chonking Journey (Video)

He's already so successful <3
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26 images of cute pets | thumbnail left kitten with paws up, thumbnail right small kitten sitting on top of big dog's head

Pet Owners Say Taking Care Of Their Furry Friends Encourages Them To Take Better Care Of Themselves

Having A Pet Can Improve Your Overall Wellbeing
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Amazon products for anxious cats and kittens | thumbnail includes two products including a calming pheromone diffuser and a heated cat bed cave

12 Relaxing Products For Cats And Kittens Anxious About Change

From diffusers to heated beds <3
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healthy cat food alternatives to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes three types of healthy dry cat foods

12 Most Purrfect Healthy Cat Food Alternatives

Keeping your kitty healthy is the most important thing <3
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story of a cat with brain damage thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying on a human '"My dad holding my brain damaged cat... He was blind and barely able to walk. Since then he has shown a lot of progress. A LOT considering he was dead. He’s my tough little guy." - KDC0982'

Heartwarming Story Of A Survivor Brain Damaged Cat

Such a strong boy.
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a study about the positive effects of looking at cute animal pictures and videos story the thumbnail includes two pictures of the quokka smiling and looking happy

Awwesome Health Benefits Of Looking At Cute Animal Pictures

Apparently, procrastinating by looking at cute animal pictures improves your health
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Innovative Zoo Cameras Can Now Monitor Animal's Health From Afar | Leopard

Innovative Zoo Cameras Can Now Monitor Animal's Health From Afar

Monitoring Animal's Health From Afar
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essential oils are toxic to cats i didn't know this and got a diffuser for my apartment this was the result i came home to my kitten being limp and barely breathing big thanks to terra nova vet's dr. chaudry who saved my baby's life do not use essential oils in your home if you have cats
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