I Can Has Cheezburger?


Ever look at your hand and wonder how something so incredible could have been created? This is hands down the best place to find anything funny and 'punny' about hands. So if you've ever asked yourself which hand would be best to write with, the answer is neither you should write with a pen what's the matter with you?

video of tiny hand plastic giving cat pets | thumbnail not amused cat being pet by tiny hand

Confused Cat Doesn't Know What To Make Of Tiny Hand Giving Him Pets And Love (Video)

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Tickle at Your Own Risk

tickle lion caption Cats hand - 8793718272
See all captions Created by catstory

Gimme Those Treats!

treat otter hand - 8552408064

Spider Hand!

spider play hand - 7677692672
Via Tumblr

All Sugar, No Spice

Hall of Fame hand handheld holding itty bitty palm sugar glider sugar gliders sweet tiny - 5748916736
Via LLBwwb

Let's Float Away Together

animals romance otter hand - 8450370816
See all captions Created by JimPrice

A Bird in the Hand...Is Safe Until the Cat Gets it...

birds cute Cats hand - 7850265344
Created by Unknown


cute sleep hand - 7852522752
Created by Fauxpaws

This Little Guy Doesn't Give a Hoot Whose Hand This Is

hoot cute Owl hand - 7802324736
Created by Unknown

Look at That Darling Baby Hamster

baby hold cute hamster hand - 7780725760
Created by sixonefive72

A Tall Glass of Kitten

kitten cute glass play hand - 7766299136
Via www.youtube.com

Ai Save You!

kitten hand funny - 7736842496
Via Gifak

Maybe He's Too Angry

angry birds hand funny - 7667757568
See all captions Created by pu

Cozy Keyboard House

gif birds hand keyboard - 7129852160
Created by Unknown

Needs more salt.

salt captions nom finger bite food Cats hand - 6935060736
Created by Patblo

Ooh You Fancy, Rat

fur gifs fancy rat hand - 6865982976
Created by Unknown
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