I Can Has Cheezburger?


Ever look at your hand and wonder how something so incredible could have been created? This is hands down the best place to find anything funny and 'punny' about hands. So if you've ever asked yourself which hand would be best to write with, the answer is neither you should write with a pen what's the matter with you?

So Squee!

big hand hello hi lizard small tiny - 5935526144
See all captions Created by artmajor

Classic Gif: Surprised Mouse

classic hand mouse shocked surprise - 5916152320
Created by Unknown

Jedi Binturong

hand star wars the force wave - 5909037824
See all captions Created by ashbashbonkfan

Squee Spree: Horned Handfull

blainvilles-horned-lizar coast horned lizard hand spiny squee spree - 5912852736

Reader Squees: Hamful

hamster hand reader squees rodent - 5783528960
Created by Cory

Baby Hummer Handful

bird hand hummingbird tiny - 5849912576
Created by remembersarah

Whatsit Wedesday: Just a Little Lick

Hall of Fame hamster hand lick mystery tongue whatsit - 5764166656
Created by Jenna_91

I trusts I has

campaign caption captioned cat hand handshake has politics shaking trust vote - 5748096768
See all captions Created by flygreen18

Squee Spree: Four of a Kind!

Babies baby emu emus four hand poker squee spree - 5770372096
Via Larry Rothfeder

Reader Squees: Sleepy Baby Bunny

baby bunny hand handheld happy bunday holding palm rabbit reader squees sleeping tiny - 5734313984
Created by hellokittty143

Reader Squees: Itty Bitty Baby Noa

baby hamster hand handheld holding reader squees tiny - 5722455040
Created by Jenna_91

Reader Squees: Rat Baby Rhiannon.

baby fit hand holding itty bitty palm rat reader squees small - 5728832768
Created by 100nettie


attention caption captioned complaint fly frog hand no raising soup waiter - 5731855872
See all captions Created by sopranomom

Slick it Back

chipmunk groom hair hand lick - 5685620480
Created by Unknown


best of the week caption captioned cat do not want Hall of Fame hand harbls Hey human location Photo please posing request - 5716800768
See all captions Created by Greencliff

i haf him

adorable asleep boston terrier cute hand puppy tired - 5621451008
See all captions Created by meleitel