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guinea pigs

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An Unexpectedly Cute Journey

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Guinea Pig's Synchronized Chewing

cute critters food gifs guinea pigs - 8328257024

And Nobody Looks Through His Disguise

disguise guinea pigs superman - 8234261504
Created by Chris10a

The Way to Every Guinea Pig's Heart

cute carrots guinea pigs - 8194429696
Created by anselmbe

Meet My Incredibly Delicious Friend

Cats guinea pigs innocent - 8173649408
See all captions Created by MIDNIGHT05

The Cage Was Open When I Got Here...

guinea pigs Cats guilty - 2637234688
See all captions Created by pottydotty

My New Office Assistant Works for Carrots

guinea pigs cute - 8043290880

First We Shake, Then we Get Human!

guinea pigs bath angry - 8034400256

Perfect for Testing a New Type of Chess

guinea pigs cute test chess - 8006050560

I'll Love You if You're a Bald Guinea Pig or a Baby Hippo!

Babies hippos guinea pigs bald cute funny - 7997877760

Let the Shopping Begin!

gifs guinea pigs funny - 7919389696

Frisky Just Found His New Favorite Vegetable!

cute carrots delicious guinea pigs - 7913609984

And now for our Amazing Disappear-Reappear Trick!

hungry guinea pigs gifs cute magic - 7907217152

Just Another Guinea Pig Hamming it Up

guinea pigs funny pets photobomb - 7892164096
Created by CrazyGuineaPigLady

We Use Two Staws..,.We're Not Pigs!

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Wait, Guinea Pigs Get Haircuts?

guinea pigs funny web comics - 7833505792
Via Joe GP