I Can Has Cheezburger?


a photo of a gorilla giving a TED lecture created online meme craze

Gorilla “Giving a TED Talk” is The Hottest New Meme at The Moment

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A Gorilla Dancing in a Tub of Water to the Song "Maniac"

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The Philadelphia Zoo Is Letting the Public Name Their New Baby Gorilla (Well, Sort Of...)

the philadelphia zoo is letting the public name their new baby gorilla well sort of
Via David Maialetti/Philadelphia Inquirer
baby Video gorilla fall - 81084929

Baby Gorilla Tries Pounding Its Chest for the First Time and Promptly Falls Over

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Instant Best Friends

instant best friends
Via Fort Worth Zoo
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Gorillas Go Ape Over Some Hard Boiled Eggs

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peekaboo baby Video gorilla - 76680961

Cute Kid Plays Peek-a-Boo With Gorilla Baby

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Shy Gorilla See His Friends Playing in the Rain and Decides to Go for It

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cute Cats Video gorilla - 75014913

Watch Koko the Gorilla Adopt Two Cats and Ask for One to Be Put on Her Head

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You People are Animals!

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Via AndySipherBull

That's Just Bananas

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cute funny Video gorilla - 74124545

Watch This Wild Mountain Gorilla Try to Take the Perfect Selfie

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Someone Get This Gorilla an Instagram Account Already, He's Really Interested in the Pictures You've Taken

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Babies cute Video gorilla - 73925121

Just Two Toddlers Playing Peek-a-boo at the Zoo

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Japan funny Video gorilla - 72304385

Japanese Women are Flocking to See This "Handsome" Gorilla at the Zoo

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Needs More Patience

animals fishing monkey gorilla - 8485172480
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