I Can Has Cheezburger?


Thoughtful Gorilla

ape gifs gorilla stare think zoo - 6612912128
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Got Five Friends I Want You to Meet

date daughter Father fist gorilla protective punch threat - 6489300480
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Mama Gorilla Doesn't Approve

GIF of a baby gorilla and a child banging at each other on the glass, and then mama-gorilla comes by and takes the little one away.
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Good Old Rock. Nothing Beats Rock.

always gorilla rock rock paper scissors - 6482910208
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This Will Not Stand

angry fist gorilla poop threat - 6414499840
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These Puns Helping?

ape comforting friends girls gorilla love puns - 6456157184
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Animal Capshunz: Not the Comfort I was Looking For

captions comfort gorilla hug problem - 6450721280
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This Game is Crap

come on dice gambling gorilla shoes - 6434871296
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You Wouldn't Like Me When I Use the Fist

angry dont-make-me fist gorilla threat - 6430489856
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Animal Capshunz: Are You Sure He's Trained to Do This?

captions fist gorilla painful scary - 6394333440
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Like What You See?

gorilla muscles working out you like - 6305237248
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Do You Need a Hug?

baby big eyes gorilla Hall of Fame hug - 6166102016
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I Will Never Understand Human Logic

confused dandelion Flower gorilla logic understand weed - 6218520576
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And it DOES Look Delicious

decisions delicious eating Flower gorilla loves nom sucker - 6163268864
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Animal Capshunz: It Looks a Lot Like My Tuesday and Wednesday Faces

angry best of the week expressions gorilla gorillas grumpy Hall of Fame holiday monday mondays tired vacation work - 6144645376
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Animal Capshunz: Serious Gorilla is Serious

disappointed gorilla gorillas grumpy serious stare stern - 6128581632
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