I Can Has Cheezburger?


original ICanHasCheezburger story about a cat and a dog being friends | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and a dog lying next to each other

Mischievous Farm Cat Turned Dog Whisperer Owns His Special Role At Sanctuary

Cats and dogs definitely can be friends <3
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about how a cat's friendship can help with anxiety | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black cat hiding in a corner and a black cat casually sitting on a rug

Heartwarming Bond Between Cat And Human Shows World That Empathy Can Heal Anxious Hearts

Nothing better than having a cat <3
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story about a kitten losing his sister and finding anther kitten to spend life with in a shelter | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten and another of two kittens side by side

Kitten Who Sadly Lost Its Brother Meets Another Rescued Kitten And Instantly Chooses It For Life

They were meant to be <3
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video of rescue cat befriending other cat and learning to love | thumbnail left and right black and white two cats together

Anxious Feral Cat Hated Everyone Until She Fell In Love With Another Kitty (Video)

Love heals
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original song about a cat being a human's best friend | thumbnail includes a picture of a woman with a guitar and a cat on a table next to her

When Your Cat Is Like A Best Friend To You Song (Video)

Because we just love them that much.
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5 videos of animals being friends | thumbnail rabbit and dog cuddling "unlikely best friends, love snuggling with each other"

Best Of The Week: Animals Being Absolute Bros And Loving The Heck Out Of Each Other

Best friends 5ever
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video of a cat and a parrot cuddling | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and a parrot cuddling

After Gentle Playfighting, Cat Tiredly But Lovingly Cuddles Parrot (Video)

This is love.
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collection of posts about cats and dogs being friends | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and dog cuddling 'My kitten & her emotional support dog. The dog is 3/4 blind & the kitten was semi feral when I got her. If she is touching the dog, & he is not worried about movement or a person, then she isn’t either. If she is not touching the dog, & it’s someone who lives here, she runs to a crate or behind the furniture, then comes back when she realizes it’s safe. Nancy LeLacheur Everett'

Wholesome Stories Of Cats And Dogs Being Affectionate With One Another

Who said they can't be best friends?
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Story about how a tiktok dog celebrated his birthday | thumbnail includes three screenshots of the birthday dog 'help me get ready for my 1st birthday pawty, frens here?'

The Pawty Of A Lifetime: Tiktok User Gives Audience A Peek Into Her Dynamic Doggo's B-day

It's his b-day mother puppers
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video of a couple setting cameras in their home and finding their cat and dog cuddling every day | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat and a dog cuddling

Parents Set Up Hidden Camera And Catch Cat Cuddling Their Anxious Dog Every Day (Video)

Absolutely pawdorable.
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video of a bunny finding another bunny friend | thumbnail includes a picture of two rabbits sitting in front of each other with a flower between them

Owners Of Lonely Bunny Decide To Adopt Female Friend For Him, Send Him On Speed-Dating Round (Video)

He has successfully found his new wife.
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story about a cat getting rescued and becoming best friends with another cat in the shelter | thumbnail includes two pictures of an orange cat

Rescued Cat Chooses Another Cat As BFF In The Shelter, The Two Get Adopted Together

Wild Bill’s Soft Side for Feline Friends.
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tumblr thread about a person befriending a wasp and her family | thumbnail includes a picture of a wasp and a part of a tumblr thread 'Plant - So instead of removing the nest and poisoning her with bug spray, you know what I did? I moved the area where I dump my things and started feeding her. I would tap three times on the railing before leaving a treat like fruit, honey, dog food, or pesky beetles I find in my garden, then move away to give them lots of space. Now when she comes out,'

Tumblr Thread: The Story Of A Person Actually Befriending A Wasp And Her Family

It's important to educate people about animals that are typically hated too <3
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tumblr thread about a man getting a hummingbird to sit on his palm | thumbnail includes two pictures of a man and a hummingbird on his palm 'Font - That fuckin smile at the end'

Tumblr Thread: Gentle Man Gets Friendly Hummingbird To Sit On His Palm

And then he smiles and all the hearts in the room melt.
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video of a dog and a leopard playing together in the snow | thumbnail includes a picture of a panther making a face at a dog in the snow

Doggo Outwits A Rescued Black Leopard During Playtime In The Snow (Video)

One of the bestest interspecies friendships.
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A charming story about a dog and duck who are best friends | thumbnail includes a photo of a dog with his duck best friend

Dog And Duck Are Best Friends For Life (Video)

BFFs 4 Life
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