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tumblr thread about friends befriending bees and wasps | tumblr thread includes two tumblr posts 'Font - scotchjolras Follow The bees and wasps now recognise me as the person who gives them water. Which sounds cool but it means everytime I go outside they harass me until I fill up the waterer. On the bright side, I no longer have to fear wasps as they just buzz around me non-threateningly now. theropodtheroblogs Follow You are their water deity now' and 'Font - shedoesnotlivehereanymore'

Tumblr Thead: Stories Of Bees And Wasps Choosing Humans As Their Friends

Unexpectedly wholesome friendships.
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video of a bear who missed his human friend gently sucking on his hand | thumbnail includes a picture of a bear placing its snout in a person's palm

Bear Who Missed His Human Friend Gives Him Gentle Blubbering Kisses (Video)

Aww so cuuute... and also scary omg.
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viral imgur thread about a dog and a newly adopted kitten becoming best friends | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a carry bag and a dog sniffing a kitten through a door 'Welcome home, Calcifer. Your big brother Finn has waited his entire life to meet you SteRaeSal'

Thread: The Cutest Budding Friendship Between A Newly Adopted Kitten And A Dog

Love wins despite our differences <3
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video of a man reuniting with a cheetah after years apart | thumbnail includes a picture of a cheetah licking a man's face

After 2.5 Years Apart, Man Reunites With The Cheetah He Helped Raise (Video)

The most wholesome reuinion.
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article with photos of cats and dogs who are best friends | thumbnail includes two photos of cats and dogs cuddling and playing together 'And I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the rider's name was death'

Photos That Prove Cats and Dogs Can Be BFFs

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Cats and dogs have a reputation for being super different, after all, the expression ‘to fight like cat and dog’ was not coined overnight. Despite the stereotypes, there are many similarities between cats and dogs. Both animals are house pets, both animals are adorable, and sometimes, when the odds are juuust right, cats and dogs can end up becoming best friends . Seeing two smol boys being best friends will warm even the coldest of hearts, especial…
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video of groundhog visiting human friend at home | thumbnail left picture of groundhog "good morning baby" thumbnail right two groundhogs eating outside clear door "that was really heartwarming"

Groundhog Brings His Son To Visit His Human Best Friend (Video)

This heartwarming friendship goes back four years, to when Cutie the Groundhog first started visiting the home of his human friend, Christina. He would approach her home and she welcomed him with open arms, and snacks. He would hang out and always charm his human pal with his silly facial expressions . When she started leaving snacks for him, that's when their relationship really solidified. Cutie is actually quite picky, bananas are his favorite food. If she would leave out other foods for him…
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Dogs posing together for family photos in nature| thumbnail includes doggos playing together and posing for photos

Iconic Photos of Good Boys On A Walk

Every squad needs to take photos when they're looking fresh, even a squad of doggos. That's where Steven Watson, a photographer and dog walker, comes in. Steven documents the walks he takes with his good boys on his instagram and twitter pages, and the results are amazing. Photos with your pets can sometimes turn out a little awkward , but in Steven's photos, the dogs sit nice and casual, clearly they woke up like this! These photos, taken all across Boston, Massachusetts, capture a day in the …
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video of a wild kookaburra coming inside to visit a person | thumbnail includes a picture of a bird looking at the camera

Wild Kookaburra Comes Inside For A Friendly Visit (Video)

Birds are p good.
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video of a dog and a wild board being best friends | thumbnail includes a picture of a boar playing with a dog

Dog Raises Half-blind Baby Wild Boar Who Lost Its Mom (Video)

A special interspecies family <3
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video of parrot and dog becoming friends | thumbnail parrot and dog close up looking at each other

Dog And Parrot Who Didn't Get Along Now Inseparable (Video)

Upon their initial introduction, this awwdorable doggo parrot duo did not exactly get along swimmingly. They were quite competitive and actually fought over their loving dad's attention. Alongside that, the doggo was completely shook by the new roommate. We understand the reaction, though. Birds must seem pretty out of this world to your average doggo! As time passed, differences were set aside and the duo began to really form. Mom reports that it took around six months before she could really …
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15 image of animal friendships | thumbnail left picture of dog and duck, thumbnail left lamb and goat

Wholesome Animal Friendships Caught On Camera

Sweet Wholesome Animal Goodness
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pictures of interspecies animal friendships | thumbnail includes two pictures including a duck placing its head on a dog and a cat cuddling a lizard

Pics Capturing Unlikely Yet Beautiful Interspecies Friendships

Love despite the differences <3
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video of a hen looking after a cat's kittens | thumbnail includes picture of a hen sitting on top of a bunch of kittens

Hen Looks After Kittens Of A Cat That She Raised (Video)

The best momma <3
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video of a person feeding his pet seagull for 69 days to gain his trust | thumbnail includes two pictures of a seagull being fed through a window

Feeding A Wild Seagull For 69 Days To Get His Trust (Video)

Get ready for an adventure.
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viral imgur thread about a cat sharing half its bed with a toy fish | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat cuddling a toy fish and a cat sleeping with a toy fish '"Toby said he's my friend so I share my half bed with him... omg he's so heartwarming" - dontgiveashoot'

Cat Chooses Toy Fish As New Best Friend (Viral Thread)

Unexpectedly awwdorable
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video of a dog confused by the kitten in its bed | thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog looking at a kitten in a dog bed and a kitten sitting on top of a dog

Doggo Shook And Confused By Kitten Occupying His Bed (Video)

The most awwdorable confusion.
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