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18 pictures of animals and text and 1 video of animals and text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Property - YOURS 0:01 / 0:', 'Wood - RONDEN', and 'Smile - Fluffy Discipline +3. 13d ago Confused face on the dog when it realizes where the bowls going LOL'

Mission Impawssible: Sneaky Kitty Successfully Steals Doggo's Food From Right Under His Nose (Pictures & Video)

The purrfect crime for a cat burglar
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16 cats messy with food on their faces

A Fresh Litter Of Hongry Cats Who Forgot Their Table Manners And Purceeded To Eat Their Meals In A Messy Fashion

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30 facebook comments foods cats go wild for

ICanHasCheezburger Community Confess Which Random Human Foods Their Cats Will Sacrifice All 9 Lives For (30+ Silly Comments)

....Cheeeeeese gromit?!
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20 pictures of cats stealing food

20+ Conniving Cats Caught Red Pawed In The Blatant Act Of Food Thievery

Cutest cat criminals
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21 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people share their creative cat names | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat with three legs and a photo of a Siamese cat looking at a camera 'his name is soup.. as in french onion This is Pi who was born on 3/14 and only has 3 legs.'

20 Cat People Prove To Be Innovative Wizards (Yet Again) As They Show Off Their Cats And Their Creative Names

Raise your hand if you have a cat named Cheeto
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20 pictures of cats that are named after food | thumbnail includes two images the left image shows two cats a black and a ginger one in a basket the right image shows a cream colored long hair cat

Why Do My Hoomans Do This? 20 Pics Of Cats That Are Named After Food

We hope you brought your appetite
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video of cat watching human cook | thumbnail image of tuxedo cat

Dapper Tuxedo Cat Helps His Hooman Prepare Dinner, Gets Front Row Seat To Food Prep (Video)

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16 reddit images text | thumbnail text "He trusts you. He knows that you would never let anything happen to him while he was being vulnerable while eating. We like their dishes in the corner or near a wall to keep them out of the way, but it can make an animal feel a bit cornered."

Cat Owner Seeks Insight On Why Their Cat Always Wants To Be Watched While Eating, Gets Wholesome Responses

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twitter thread about cats who really like bread | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a pita in its mouth and a blurry cat running away and one tweet 'Font - This user has entered w... @duckbldg he took my pita and ran 4:22 AM Jan 20, 2023 1.5M Views 7,717 Retweets 218 Quote Tweets 54.8K Likes'

Cat Steals Pita Bread And Bolts, Plus Other Cats Who Are Hilariously Obsessed With Bread (Twitter Thread)

Why do they love bread so much?
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video of two tuxedo cats meowing for food | thumbnail image of tuxedo cat meowing

"Hurry up hooman, I so hungry:" Vocal Kitty Cats 'Uni & Nami' Let Dad Know That They Are Ready For Breakfast (Video)

Me hungy
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twitter thread about cats liking unexpected foods | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat eating a purple beet and one tweet 'Cat - Rev. Poppy Haze @poppy_haze every cat upon instantiation will spawn with one random non-meat food item it is obsessed with. There is no way to tell what this is until the day the cat will steal something off your plate like its life depended upon it Creature Tik Toks @CreatureTikToks - Dec 30, 2022 0:18 1.4M views 10:18 PM - Dec 30, 2022 J Tik Tok 5.4M'

Twitter Thread: Random Non-Meat Foods That Cats Are Obsessed With And Will Fight You For

They're fierce when it comes to their chosen food.
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cat reacts to food sounds | thumbnail image of cat next to foot bowl "cat reacts to food sounds"

Cat Reacts To His Favorite Food Sounds (Video)

Issa test, Monty passed
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video of a cat bringing food to its baby every single day | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat carrying a food bag in its mouth

A Cat Delivers A Bag Of Food To The Same Place Every Single Day: Sweet Story With A Heartfelt Ending (Video)

Too wholesome to handle.
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about community cats showing how social they are | thumbnail includes two pictures of volunteers loving on community cats

Colony Caretakers Want You To Call ‘Feral’ Cats ‘Community’ Cats As Many Are Too Friendly For The Wild

People think feral cats are scruffy and aggressive. However, volunteers who care for them assert that isn't the truth and call for a change in the nickname.
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23 pictures and memes of cats stealing things | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat with a feather duster in its mouth trying to leave through the cat hole but not succeeding because the duster doesn't fit and a picture of a cat's hand trying to steal pizza 'My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster, luckily he never gets very far...'

Caught In The Act: 23 Feline Criminals Think They're So Slick While Stealing

One thing's for sure: cats are criminals
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about an abandoned cat getting rescued and getting ready for work | thumbnail includes two pictures of the cat in the kennel and on a blanket

Rescued Farm Cat For Hire To Guard Harvested Crops From Rodents

Farms across America are threatened by a myriad of issues. While droughts, supply chain concerns, and rising inflation may present risks to those who grow and harvest food, problems can be smaller and furrier. Fortunately, this is an area where cats with a wilder side can help. In October, the Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC) rescued a live-in farm hand from an abandoned local property. Upon his arrival to the shelter, the RACC decided to name him Hungry Hungry Hippo for just how much he w…
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