I Can Has Cheezburger?


list about squirrels stealing strange kinds of food | thumbnail includes two photos of squirrels, one is holding a yellow Easter egg, the other is holding a carrot

Squirrels Eating Unique Things: Funny Photos Of Squirrels Going Wild

Is that a corndog?
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31 images of egg themed food and dog | thumbnail left and right egg themed food with dog behind

Doggo Sneaks His Way Into Egg Themed Food Porn Shoot

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video of elephant eating pumpkin | thumbnail left and right image of baby elephant with parents and vegetables

Baby Elephant Pyi Mai Learns How To Eat Pumpkin For The First Time

Pumpkin For Breakfast For This Elephant
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tumblr thread about cats' weird obsession with bread | thumbnail includes two blurry pictures of a cat stealing bread 'Font - flrstperson Follow One of my cats was rescued from outside. l'd only ever had a super polite cat who would come up and sniff food and then be like "can i have this?" So when this other cat came up I was like oh you wanna sniff the bread right? Here it is so you can sniff it.'

Tumblr Thread: Cats And Their Weird Bread Addiction

Sometimes, they're just weirdos.
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original ICanHasCheezburger song about cats loving snacks | thumbnail includes a picture of a woman playing a guitar and a cat

The Gimme A Treat Song: never enough treats

Original song by ICanHas!
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Facebook comments of cats being obsessed with human food | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats staring at food and one Facebook comment 'Rectangle - Britt O'Leary Vikki is my food monster cat. She doesn't even want to eat it. Just smell it and maybe give a tiny lick just to ruin it for the human. 3 Like · Reply · Message 10h'

Cats And Their Eternally Weird Obsession With Human Food

They want it even when they don't want it.
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healthy cat food alternatives to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes three types of healthy dry cat foods

12 Most Purrfect Healthy Cat Food Alternatives

Keeping your kitty healthy is the most important thing <3
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11 pictures of cats loving food

11 Photos of Cats That Love Food More Than Anything Else

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cats trying to steal food - thumbnail of a cat looking at food "my cat when i eat anything that has carbs (hes cross eyed so it makes him look incredibly focused on the food)"

Cats Mischievously Trying To Steal Food (Twitter Thread)

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series of food dishes with dog lurking in the background - thumbnail of two plates of food with dog hidden in the back

Gallery Of Delicious Korean Meal And Nothing More

... or is there?
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cute raccoon eats grapes - thumbnail of raccoon with grapes

Raccoon Graciously Allows Human A Single Grape (Video)

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cat with empty food bowl dreams about eating - thumbnail of cat looking at empty food bowl and saying "im hungry"

When A Cat's Food Bowl Is Empty, They Move Onto The Next Best Thing (Comic)

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cats discuss their recent meals via video call - thumbnail includes two images of cats talking about what they ate | had tuna Lucky had dry food

Cats Discuss Their Recent Meal (Comic)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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video of two groundhogs eating at a picnic - thumbnail of two groundhogs eating at a picnic table

Groundhogs Enjoying A Lovely Picnic (Video)

So cute and simple
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generous couple create a full plate of thanksgiving food for each dog at the animal shelter - thumbnail includes two images one of a table full of individual plates of food and one of a dog waiting for this delicious meal

Generous Couple Provided Thanksgiving Meals For Over 80 Cats And Dogs At Animal Shelter

Thank goodness for good people
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the fourth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about discovering wet food thumbnail includes a picture of a cat eating the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: The Wet Food Quest October 30, 2020 "The first problem: I cannot open the cabinet. The second problem: I cannot open the metal boxes." %3D BURGER'

Meowmoirs: October 30, 2020 The Wet Food Quest

The fourth entry of Earnie's journal
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