I Can Has Cheezburger?


Youtube video of a stray cat meowing for help because of her injured foot and then getting the help she needed | Thumbnail includes a stray cat sitting in bushes

Injured Cat Meows Nonstop Until Finally Getting The Medical Attention She Needed (Video)

Real life heroes
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collection of funny human foods that cats like to eat | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Sara Lang My grandmom's cat loved hard butterscotch candies. Whenever either of my grandparents would try to open one of the loud plastic wrappers they were in Storm would come running and sit at their feet meowing until they opened one and put it on the floor. It HAD to still be on the wrapper like a plate though and if she licked it off she would meow until you put it'

Unexpected Humans Foods Cats Like For Some Reason: ICanHas Edition

No idea why they like them lol.
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7 TikToks about Ginny, a rescued senior cat and her food insecurities | Thumbnail includes Ginny the senior cat laying on a chair, Ginny laying on the floor, and Ginny waiting to be petted 'You've just been rescued as the only pet of a millennial couple who work-from-home. Ginny hates to eat alone. She likes the company and reassurance that it's safe.'

Hoomans Adopt Senior Cat Ginny And Help Her Deal With Her Food Insecurities

Best hoomans ever
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25 pictures of cats eating, messy | thumbnail left black cat eating cat food, cat food on nose, thumbnail right small kitten eating white kitten behind him laughing

Hongry Cats Getting Messy Eating To Their Feline Hearts' Desire

Messy is best
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18 screenshots from a twitter thread about previously abused cats and their insecurities | Thumbnail includes an orange cat laying on the carpet ' I was very very hungry a lot when I was Outside, so I still get worried about there being enough food even here Inside. This is not a food or eating issue. It is a feelings issue, so I learned some things about that...'

POV: Rescued Cat Explains Why They Are The Way They Are

They're still perfect in our eyes
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Video of a fox laughing from tickles | thumbnail includes screenshot of the fox from the video

Adorable Hehe's And Haha's From A Fuzzy Fox (Video)

What does the fox say
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video of Pallas' cats getting excited during feeding time | thumbnail includes one picture of three Pallas cats looking up with one of them jumping at the person holding the camera

Perpetually Grumpy-Looking Pallas' Cats Getting Extremely Excited During Feeding Time (Video)

The most excited grumpy chonks.
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17 screenshots of subreddit about people eating dog treats | Thumbnail includes screenshot of title and text 'my dad has been eating dog treats for 20 yrs, He couldn't believe it. I had to ring up my sister to tell her what dad had been doing. I asked him if he is going to carry out buying and eating them and he said he is undecided. This was about a week ago now so he went to fill up with petrol today. He text me saying they just don't taste the same now he knows they're for dogs!'

Daddy Dog Treats: Amusing Subreddit Stories Of People Eating Dog Food

Crackers - Dog food - Potato - Potahto
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail image of dog, cheeseburger, text "I just ate my cheeseburger meal in my car so I wouldn't have to share it with my dog I am ashamed but full"

Selfish But Hungry Pet Owner Turns To Reddit For Advice, Hilarity Ensues

Hongry boiz
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a chonky cat causes drama between two friends | thumbnail includes text saying 'Spaz is extremely food motivated. He will break into the Pantry to eat bread, wake us up at night by slamming into the door, and hunts for grasshoppers every day (even though there is snow outside). If you go near where the treats are held he will start begging'

Husbandry Specialist Bites Off More Than She Can Chew With Spaz The Cat

Such A Chonker
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14 tweets diva dog twitter thread | thumbnail blue background text tweet "Reid @RVAReid My dog's turning into a diva. I gave her rotisserie chicken twice as a treat and now she won't eat unless it's rotisserie chicken. She really will sniff her food and look disgusted if it isn't rotisserie chicken. So now l'm constantly buying rotisserie chicken. 5:15 AM · Feb 8, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 5,675 Retweets 1,659 Quote Tweets 99.4K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Diva Doggos Refusing To Eat Dog Food After Exposure To Delicious Human Food

We can't blame 'em
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stories of cats pets eating weird things | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Organism - Rodgers Rae TRex One of mine LOVED cucumber, avocado, salmon pate and Pringles. But only the sour cream ones. He was hit by a car once and when he was at the vets he wasn't eating, the vet said bring him something he loves. I took in 2 Pringles, he brightened up straight away and was home 2 days later.e OD 5 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 2d'

Funniest Things Pets Have Ever Eaten (Mostly Cats Being Hooligans)

Not the cactuuuus!!!
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a vegan tries to feed their cat an entirely vegan diet until her roommate steps in | thumbnail includes text saying 'I told her cats can't eat a vegan diet because they are carnivores and it can lead to health issues. Not to mention a diet of solely dry food for cats can lead to kidney stones and dehydration. My roommate would not budge on this issue and ultimately said if its made for cats then it is ok for cats.'

Vegan Roommate Refuses To Let Her Cat Eat Meat, Internet Weighs In

Would you let your roommate do this?
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photos of delicious food with a doggo behind looking jealous | thumbnail includes two photos of the dog staring hungrily at a giant ham

Poor Doggo Watches Hooman Eat Delicious Feast Without Him

Give that doggo a bite!
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video of several cats in kitchen while eating food and receiving treats | thumbnail image of man with several cats around him at a kitchen table decorated with food

Sweet Feline Crew Eagerly Assists Family In The Kitchen (Video)

Feline charmers steal the show
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13 images and video of popeye the foodie dog | thumbnail left and right small white dog sitting before large decadent meals

Popeye The Foodie Pup Charms Social Media With Decadent Meals

The most adorable foodie we ever did see
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