I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Can Fly!

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A Giant Leap of Faith!

cute fly ducklings leap trees - 7986754304
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You Clip my Wings and Expect Something Different?

birds fly funny stairs wings - 7957513984
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Is Today My Day to Fly? Nope.

Bird - Alxbngala Tumblr
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I Just Hope he can Stick the Landing

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With This Shirt, I Can Fly!

fly shirt - 7835803648
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Open to WHAT???

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That Darn Fly!

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How to Find a Bug in Your House

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Mah Planet Needz Me

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Having Some Trouble With Liftoff

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Flying Kitty Prepares to Make a Splash!

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Swim? Gallop? Army Crawl?

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whoa... that was one determined bee.

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