I Can Has Cheezburger?


Getting a head start on New Year's Resolutions

caption captioned exercise fat holidays new years resolutions sit ups tired - 4298511104
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All the cheeseburgers!

cheesburger fat lazy couch corgi food - 6790122240
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King Chubs

fat king squirrels tree squee chubby - 6494522880
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Hopeless Dreams

Sad fat dreams captions model sigh beauty Cats - 6850287872
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What the...?

fat scale weight captions Cats - 6595856384
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Funny, this turkey and I have the same name!

fat captions Turkey Cats name - 6821548544
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Why Let it Ruin Your Day?

fat scale Meerkats dont-want - 6744307968
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That's a lot to ask of stretch pants!

yikes fashion fat pants captions Cats stretch - 6678391296
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Or Move to a Bigger Pipe

diet fat stuck chipmunk hole pipe - 6734509568
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They DID Seem a Lil Soft, Now Dat I Think Abowt It

fat right found squirrel - 6675932416
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hungry fat gasp tired captions starving food Cats exhausted - 6719132416
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Did I Say Eat? I Meant to Say LOVE!

obese kitten fat captions eat two cats let me Cats - 6772724224
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What's in a Name?

drink beer heavy alcohol fat booze captions Cats - 6750199552
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What Did I Just Watch...

balls wtf cheetah fat chase animated weird - 6720790528
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Who is This Really Embarrassing?

fat pants embarrassing donkey laugh - 6653612032
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I Got it Covered

fat Winter Is Coming bro Game of Thrones squirrel winter - 6717536512
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