I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Rescue of the Day: Couple Saves Fat Prairie Dog Stuck in its Own Hole

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Let's Be Honest

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Oh Yeah!? Well, Can a Fat Cat do This?!

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That's a Whole Lotta Cat!

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It Always Happens Just in Time for Summer

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I Don't Need to Fits to Sits

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It May be Called a Sea Cow Now...

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Maybe I Could Quit Cold Turkey And Just Eat Hot Meat

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Dessert Therapy

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That's One Big Kitty!

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Time to Scale Back to Light Tuna...

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I Guess I Can Forget the 2014 Bamboo Diet...

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Better Stick to Gnats

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My Stomach Always Growls Like That

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Batman is Scared of Both Bats and Fat Wiener Dogs

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There's Fat and Then There's Oversized!

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