I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "Fast forward to today, we take her to the vet and turns out she has a broken leg and will need surgery. I'm devastated but I'm so glad that she was able to make it through the night and we were able to get her the help that she needs. Mum turns to me and makes a joke that it looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of money of Luna."

Woman's Bird Is Injured As A Result Of Her Mom's Negligence, Mom Refuses To Foot Vet Bill

Sis, it's your fault, pay the bill
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11 reddit text images karen mil brings goat | thumbnail blue background text "MIL has PTSD and for most of the time I knew her it was very repressed but she recently had another traumatic event and is now struggling. She is very co dependent and has a hard time being around us without her husband, so I made a rule that she can bring one of her comfort animals. "

Crazy Karen MIL Brings 'Emotional Support Goat' To Her Son And DIL's House, Pure Chaos Ensues

On today's episode of 'crazy Karen and her animals'
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an a-hole gets paid to watch his sisters dog and does a terrible job, then asks the internet if he did the wrong thing | thumbnail includes text saying 'The dog came with a long list of "instructions" which I thought was very pretentious. I put the dog in my back yard and pretty much forgot about him. I made sure he had plenty of food and water though. He mostly ran around, barked and dug a hole which I didn't mind. I even tossed him a couple bites of chicken which he loved.'

Woman Pays Brother To Watch Her Dog: He Breaks Every Rule She Sets

Umm... What?
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woman adopts new puppy and neglects her senior dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for getting another dog? A. hole I (F45) got a new dog almost five months ago. She’s very young and energetic, nothing like my older dog who doesn’t do much anymore'.

Woman Adopts Young Puppy And Ignores Her Senior Dog: Reddit Weighs In

She Did What?
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a woman cut her in laws cats fur without asking them, is she the asshole? | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for cutting the fur of my grandparent in laws cat?'

Woman Cuts Her Off The Fur Of Her In Laws' Cat Without Asking: Reddit Weighs In

Is She A Bad Person?
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a daughter wonders if she should take away her childhood pets from her mom's house | thumbnail includes text saying 'My (21F) mom (58F) won't let me take my childhood pets, but is neglecting them.' and 'She just laughed, and then said I couldn't. She said they are her "rocks." I can't fathom that with their neglect, but I don't know what to say or do. She's got terrible attachment issues, that only got worse when I left for school. I'm worried, but I care about my animals' wellbeing.'

Daughter Feels Mom Is Neglecting Her Childhood Pets: Internet Weighs In

Should she kidnap the pets?
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woman decides to adopt a cat when her mom who lives nearby is allergic, asks if she's the asshole | thumbnail includes text saying'

Is It Ok To Adopt A Cat If Your Parents Are Allergic: Internet Weighs In

What would you do?
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super funny animal text photos and memes | thumbnail includes two texts saying 'What in the world?! Cat's face made me luagh It seems to be angry at the corn on the cob!'

Animal Text Memes Full Of Wholesomeness And Laughs

Animals Are So Strange
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a woman is asked to lean into being a dog mom and refuses | thumbnail includes text saying 'I don't want to do this. I love my dog, but he isn't a kid, and I cringe when Simon describes me as my dog's mom. I don't want to give my (allergic, has not met my dog!) mom a calendar of my dog. How do I tell him to stop it, without hurting his feelings too bad?'

Woman Pressured By Family To Treat Dog Like Child Refuses: Reddit Family Feud

Fur baby or just a pet?
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11 text reddit images from thread on woman seeking advice | thumbnail blue background with small animated dog in right bottom corner, text "Although my partner and I will be covering the costs of the operation - which are going to be quite high- my family has been saying very hurtful things about it. "Why waste all that money a dog". "

Woman Seeks Advice On How To Deal With Family Members Who Say 'Why Waste So Much Money, It’s Just A Dog'

It's a subject that we need to talk about
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12 reddit text images of spider poster discussion | thumbnail left photo of fake spiders in hand white background with more small fake black spiders, thumbnail right image of spider poster colorful, text "AITA for putting up pictures of spiders in my room to keep my arachnophobic cousins out?"

Girl Puts Spider Posters Up To Keep Arachnophobic Cousins Out of Her Room: Reddit Supports Her

Evil genius
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12 text based reddit images, stigma of rehoming dogs | thumbnail blue background "he phrase 'unforeseen circumstances' doesn't even begin to describe what many people are dealing with. And yet, there is so little empathy for people who look into re- homing their pets. 'Earn more money and get a bigger place' - yeah sure, sounds easy. 'It's not like the dog actually bit the baby, THEN you should re-home him'"

Confronting The Stigma Around Rehoming Dogs: A Discussion

It's not so simple
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video of lion cub socially interacting with older lions | thumbnail image of lion with cub cuddling, orange frame half of image

Tiny Lion Cub Adorably Tries To Fit In With Teenage Lions (Video)

Wholesome lion family
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14 text based images reddit thread mom and daughter's gender reveal party for lizard | thumbnail blue background with animated lizard on right side, left "rhomboidus 4d Asshole Aficionado [14] 1 Award YTA Well I didn't come. I didn't see a point. It's just a lizard and I'm a busy person. It wasn't for the lizard, it was for your daughter. If you're too busy to do nice things for your family (or apparently even tell them you aren't coming) then just say that. "

Delusional Mom Refuses To Attend Gender Reveal Party For Daughter's Pet Lizard

Take a seat, OP
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12 reddit based text images | thumbnail "Your home your decision. I can't see how they get to demand anything when it is your house. DO NOT offer to pay for a hotel. I'm not even sure at this point l'd offer to let them stay at my house even with my dog. The entitlement of people amazes me. There are ONLY way 3 reasons l'd say to board your dog: if someone has an allergy "

Family Requests Thanksgiving Host Board His Dog In Kennel, Host Refuses And Even Offers To Pay For Hotel

Not today, not ever
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stories about dads and husbands who didn't want dogs at first, but love their dogs now | thumbnail includes a photo of a man with his dog and the text 'Meet the man who not ever never getting dog, no matter And if did get dog he wasn't going be one feed or walk or cuddle And 'd never be allowed on sofa. He's under there, honest.'

Men Falling In Love With Pets They Claimed They Didn't Want

A total 180.
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