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tweets if animals throughout history | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat's tombstone and one tweet 'Plant - Historical Photos ... @learnhistory Dewey (1898 - 1910) "He was only a cat" - photo: Paul Koudounaris DEWEY 1898 1910. HE WAS ONLY A CAT BUT HE WAS HUMAN ENOUGH TOBEA GREAT GOMFORT IN HOURS OF LONELINESS AND PAIN, 3:41 PM · Aug 28, 2021 · Twitter for Android 5,312 Retweets 361 Quote Tweets 30.5K Likes'

Iconic Photos Of Animals Throughout History (Viral Tweets)

Loved forever and always <3
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collection of weird facts about animals | thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiger in water 'Water - Tigers can, and will, take revenge on those who have wronged them. They are one of the most vengeful animals on the planet. weird-facts.org @factsweird' and a snake wrapped around a tree branch 'Photograph - The difference between poisonous and venomous animals: If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it's venomous. weird-facts.org @factsweird'

20 Weird But Unexpectedly Cool Animal Facts

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viral imgur thread about the world's largest ocean animals | thumbnail includes a picture of a diver next to a giant jellyfish 'DigitalZoo Giant Ocean Creatures'

Thread: The Largest Most Wonderous Ocean Animals

Nature. Is. Amazing.
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collection of animal facts by Guff | thumbnail includes a picture of a crocodile 'Mouth - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff After a crocodile had been shot in the head and left for dead, a local fisherman from Costa Rica nursed it back to health before releasing it into the wild. The next day, the man discovered that 'Pocho' the nursed crocodile, had followed him home and was sleeping on the man's porch. For 20 years, Pocho became part of the man's family.'

Unexpectedly Cool And Educational Animal Facts

Laugh and learn.
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viral twitter thread about the Appalachian mountains | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Alex (he/him) is fighting for trans kids @AlexPetrovnia Have you ever wondered why we don't find fossils in the Appalachian mountains? The truth is, we do, they're just not the kind of fossils you might think of-there are no mammals, no dinosaurs, no reptiles. There's something else entirely. 4:33 PM Jul 15, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 36.7K Retweets 8,172 Quote Tweets 181.8K Likes'

Twitter Thread: The Truth About Fossils In The Appalachian Mountains

The mysteries of nature..
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tumblr thread about the red-bearded vulture | thumbnail includes a picture of a red-bearded vulture 'simplytheanthropic My all time favorite animal. The red-bearded vulture.'

Tumblr Thread: The 4 Foot Tall Red-Bearded Vulture

This is a clawesome bird.
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tumblr thread about draft horses | thumbnail includes two pictures of women sitting on draft horses 'Organism - I never made a post about draft horses. :T They are the gentle giants of the horse world, sometimes growing as large as 20 hands and over 2000 lbs. The tallest horse in the world is an American-type Belgian horse named Big Jake (I think???).'

Tumblr Thread: The Gentle Giants Of The Horse World

The bigger they are, the bigger they are.
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collection of animal fun facts | thumbnail includes a picture of a woman riding a cow 'Horse - WTF fun fact #8253 As a child, Hannah Simpson got angry when her parents told her she couldn't have a pony, so she started riding a cow instead. With no formal training, she taught her pet cow, Lilac, to jump, climb over fallen trees, and most importantly, not to buck her off. wtffunfact.com'

Laugh And Learn: Fun Facts About Animals

For learning and laughing simultaneously.
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funny facts about cats | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Rectangle - UberFacts @UberFacts Cats do recognize the sound of their owners' voice, but they choose to ignore it 12:35 PM - May 21, 2021 - Buffer' and 'Rectangle - UberFacts @UberFacts Most cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn't drink milk 10:32 AM - Mar 27, 2021 - Buffer'

Funny Yet Informative Facts About Cats (Tweets)

Time to learn and laugh.
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tumblr thread about crow facts | thumbnail includes a picture of a crow holding a pencil in its mouth 'Font - Keep the paddysnuffles Follow wel Cool facts about crows: 1. Crows understand the concept of gifts. There's a little girl who started feeding the murder by her house and they started bringing her trinkets (cool pebbles, coins, shiny things, bleached animal bones, etc) as a thank you.'

Tumblr Thread: Informative Facts About How Cool Crows Are

They are smarter than humans.
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ridiculous animal facts and stories | thumbnail includes a mugshot and a picture of a dog 'Dog - Michael Orchard, a heroic man, broke into his neighbor's burning home and rescued their dog. He later found out that the house fire was actually NOT real but was just a hallucination from the LSD he was consuming. Photo courtesy of STATE POLICE / AFP @factsweird'

Mildly Weird But Cool Animal Facts And Stories

We... had no idea.
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informative viral tweets about funny cat facts | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - james tison like "tyson" @doioweyoumoney ... Everyone wants to talk about "gaslighting," nobody wants to talk about "how cats domesticated themselves and modeled their meows off of human baby cries to better manipulate our emotions." 4:06 PM · May 8, 2021 Twitter Web App 15K Retweets 811 Quote Tweets 115.6K Likes'

Funny Yet Informative Viral Tweets About Cats Domesticating Themselves

Some extra funny cat facts for y'all.
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fun and cute facts about animals | thumbnail includes a picture of an Australian Echidna 'Say hello to an Australian Echidna! One of only two mammals in the world that lay eggs (called Monotremes)! This little girl was brought into my work. u/p3rthr0'

Unique Awwducational Facts That Make Animals Amazing

Time to get awwducated!!
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viral tweets about what crocodiles look like underwater thumbnail includes a picture of a crocodile floating underwater and one tweet 'Water - Hal @xoHali I seen how crocodiles look underwater and I can't stop laughing e 12:11 AM - Apr 20, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 101.8K Retweets 11.2K Quote Tweets 515.6K Likes'

What Crocodiles Look Like Underwater (Funny Viral Tweets)

So terrifying yet SO funny.
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wholesome posts about dolphins for National Dolphin Day thumbnail includes two pictures of dolphins carrying corals 'Dolphins in Australia have been bringing gifts of coral to shore because they are missing interacting with visitors u/elch3w'

Dolphin Wholesomeness And Appreciation For National Dolphin Day

Happy National Dolphin Day!
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worlds most rare cat the scottish wildcat - thumbnail of adorable scottish wildcat

Scottish Wildcat: The Last King Of Scotland (Video)

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