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45 pictures of cats and cat facts | Thumbnail includes one picture of a cute white cat and one meme including 'Strange Facts ThePetsCentral.com About Cats The word Cat refers to a family of meat-eating animals that include tigers, lions, leopards, & panthers. A female cat may have Cats have true fur, in that they have both an undercoat and an outercoat. A cat can jump even 3.7 7times 4 months. kittens every months. You can tell a cat's mood by looking into its eyes Cats must have f'

A Treasure Trove Of Cute Cats And Fabulous Feline Fun Facts For Kitty Connoisseurs

The more you know
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34 cat anecdotes

Fat Stack of Fun Cat Facts That Most People Don't Know Until They Adopt A Feline As A Pet

Feline facts for a better day
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36 cat memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Organism - honest jabe @jaynooch Didn't realize my mic was on in this work meeting and just asked my cat "who's my little pee pee boy?" cause he was peeing. gonna go sit in a dumpster now 8:56 AM - 6/8/21 - Twitter for iPhone' and 'Ear'

35+ Painfully Hilarious Memes And Pics To Purrfectly Sum Up What It Means To Be A Cat Owner

No bottle cap is safe. Not a single one.
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collection of Today I Learned facts about cats | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat smiling 'TIL A cat in New Zealand tricked two different women into owning him. Neither knew they had the same cat until after he went to the vet for stitches. The cat got to keep both names as well as both owners through a shared custody agreement. '

'Today I Learned': 15 Pawsome Fun Facts And Stories About Cats

Hissterical cat facts
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collection of interesting cat memes and stories and pictures | thumbnail includes one meme of a cat sitting in a tiny tub 'Plumbing fixture - There's a TV show in Iceland called "Keeping up with the Kattarshians". It's a 24 hour live broadcast of cats in a tiny model house.' and a picture of a cat with two faces 'Bettie Bee was a rare "Janus Cat," born with two faces to a normal house cat in South Africa; lived 16 days in 2017'

17 Purrfectly Interesting And Highly Amusing Cat Facts, Memes And Pics

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22 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Hair' and 'Eye'

All About The Many Faces And Dangers Of The Pallas's Cat (22 Pictures)

Why not friend if friend-shaped?
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imgur thread about how much water cats should consume | thumbnail includes two cute and simple pictures of cats 'This time I’m going to talk about water consumption! Making sure your cat stays hydrated is a key component of keeping them happy and healthy, as it is a piece of helping to prevent medical problems like kidney disease or urinary tract infections'

How Much Water Should Cats Drink: An Informative Thread From 'Your Friendly Neighborhood Feline Behaviorist'

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viral imgur thread about the importance of playing with cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats looking at the camera 'Every feline, regardless of their age, should be engaged with play and other enrichment every single day... While there are many great things you can give to your cat to play with independently, there is no replacement for interactions with you, their human adrianontherocks'

Viral Thread: The Importance Of Playing With Your Cat And Some Of The Best Ways To Do So

Impurrtant to know.
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video of 20 facts about norwegian forest cats | thumbnail two side by side images of norwegian forest cats

20 Interesting Norwegian Forest Cat Facts (Video)

Did you know that Norwegien Forest Cats were considered cats of the Vikings?
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imgur thread about training cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'Training, if done properly, can be extremely enriching and beneficial to a cat (or any other animal).  Don't listen to anyone who tells you cats can't be trained- they absolutely can, and I know because I've done it adrianontherocks'

An Easy-To-Understand Guide To Training Cats From A Feline Behaviorist

Your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist is at it again.
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collection of funny facts about cats | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Font - ... Replying to Amazon said that my package was handed directly to a resident which meant my neighbors cat was sleeping on my porch and they sat the package next to her 6:01 p.m. · 26/01/2021 · Twitter for Android' and 'Font - Lawrence Ward @LawrWard The population of Scotland is around 5.25mil and there are 600mil cats in the world so if every cat decided to invade Scotland each Scot would have to fight'

Technically True Facts About Cats With Completely Unexpected Endings: Memes And Tweets

It's technically the truth.
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twitter thread about a waitress asking a woman if she ever taught her about dinosaur poop | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Dr Susannah Lydon ... @susieoftraken So last night we went to eat at a pub, and the young woman serving us said to me "Can I ask you a weird question?". The only answer you can ever give to that question is "Of course..." "Did you come to my school when I was little and show me dinosaur poo?" 1/3 1:50 PM · Apr 9, 2022 - Twitter'

Twitter Thread: Woman Recognizes Old Teacher From Lesson About Fossils And Wholesomeness Ensues

Memorable dino poop.
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13 facts about 13 different animals | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny deer 'Pudus (from Mapudungun püdü or püdu) are the world's smallest deer.'

Fascinating Animal Facts Friday: Top 12 Of The Week

The best of the best
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new collection of animal facts from r/awwducational | thumbnail includes a picture of a bat holding onto a person's finger 'Bat toes are specially designed to relax in a locked position. This means that when bats are clinging on to the roof of a cave or tree, they are actually relaxing their feet. It takes energy to release their grip and open up their little toes before taking off to fly in the night u/JMyers666'

Unexpectedly Cool Yet Wholesome Animal Facts: 18 Awwducational Posts

Laugh and learn.
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twitter thread about animals that look similar but are not genetically related | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - ben "darth normal" flores ... @limitlessjest It's so insane that alligators and crocodiles aren't at all genetically related. Is there any other case of similar evolution like that 4:26 AM - Feb 20, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 4,919 Retweets 1,403 Quote Tweets 103.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Animals That Look Similar But Aren't Genetically Related At All

*Confusion intensifies*
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 imgur thread about what makes platypuses cool | thumbnail includes a picture of a platypus swimming 'Phoebe the Platypus looks all cute because Platypus is all cute. However these back legs have a sneaky feature. The claws produce venom jonjohnjonjohn'

Platypuses Are Excellent And There Are Many Reasons Why (Viral Thread)

Platypuses are cooler than you know.
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