I Can Has Cheezburger?


Bukz doan lub U liek Aiz do.

excuse floor mess read too much - 5861103872
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excuses, excuses

caption captioned cat excuse leg lolwut model story - 5775767552
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Can't Touch 'Dis

answer caption captioned cat excuse mouse question reason request stop time why - 5739447040
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Acting Like Animals: Sissy Sisyphian Elephant

acting like animals baby ball elephant excuse explanation pushing sisyphus weight - 5734717696
Via Jason Ralston

Acting Like Animals: Virtuosity At Work

acting like animals asleep bulldog excuse explanation keyboard lazy sleeping work working - 5689852160
Via Sharkosaur


baby demanding distracting distraction do want excuse feeding hamster noms reader squees - 5581329664
Created by A. Love


caption captioned cat denial excuse i dunno mess not sure paper towel shredded what - 5473819392
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iz not stalking...

caption captioned cat creepy excuse explanation just not peeking stalking Staring - 5440108544
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acting like animals cat designer excuse explanation hipster mother rationale scarf - 5448970240
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Just tryin to karpet

bathroom caption captioned carpet cat cold excuse explanation floor just mess toilet paper trying - 5418998528
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adorable Babies baby cub cubs excuse Hall of Fame lion lions lolwut mother rambling reason three tiny young - 5419525888
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Trust meh. I'm a profeshunal.

caption captioned cat checking creepy excuse inspecting just no window - 5280158464
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bathroom caption captioned cat disaster excuse explanation lie mess reason toilet why - 5281750784
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No not right now

busy caption captioned cat excuse explanation human no not now right - 5250834176
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take no chances

caption captioned cat excuse it made serious shredded solution threats toilet paper - 5266714368
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bath bubbles caption captioned cat confused excuse for me thought water what - 5206778368
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