I Can Has Cheezburger?


graduating obedience class at the bottom of the class. . .

accident angry biting excuse FAIL mail mailman miniature pinscher police retrieval retrieving upset whoops - 4515338752
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As If I Needed An Excuse

drink excuse Cats - 8429442560
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Ahhh... Happy New Years...

caught crime excuse explanation Hall of Fame new years pomeranian trouble - 4304231424
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Someone's Gotta Bring the Kids to School...

spiders excuse creepy - 7949738496
By Tabasco369 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Not That Old Excuse

homework excuse school - 7340136704
Via Tastefully Offensive

And You Have to Admit the Dog Looked an Awful Lot Like a Rat

excuse leash falcons - 7075550208
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Not That Anyone Believes Me

excuse lazy fox sleeping energy - 6777547520
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excuse Sheep Dog australian shepherd sheep - 6627555840
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I Wouldn't Ever Search For Such Things

caught excuse hmph i swear mice - 6340331520
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I Has A Hotdog: It Was Too Late...

blame destruction excuse it was the cat lab mess messes wasnt me - 6271020544
See all captions By beernbiccies

Lame Excuse

dachshund excuse shower shower cap - 3313309696
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Lolcats: Driveby Shredding

bathroom best of the week Cats destroy excuse Hall of Fame lie lies mess shred stop toilet paper - 6161942272
By Katie

He has a spare.

arm attack basement cat bite danger excuse pun saying - 6130939648
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I be Border Colliekitteh.

excuse explanation kibble kitten mess noms story - 6004042496
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Kittehs Provide Endless Benefits in Life!

best of the week cat cat person excuse Hall of Fame lap ownership sleeping - 5977366272
Via Teh Jeff

ai is NOT shy

excuse im interested not reason shy tree - 5929387008
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