I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of baby elephant playing in water | thumbnail left elephant with water, thumbnail right elephant and parent elephant

Baby Elephant Enjoys Splashing Around On Hot Summer Day

Wholesome Elephant Content
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10 images of elephants | thumbnail elephant and vet touching hand and trunk

Elephant Recognizes Vet Who Saved His Life 12 Years Prior

Plai Thang The 31 Year Old Elephant Reunites With Beloved Vet
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list of elephant memes | thumbnail is two elephant memes, on left elephant in the room, on right get a move on its spring baby elephant

Kings and Queens Of Nature And Cuteness: Elephant Memes

Silly Elephant Memes To Inspire A Moment of Laughter
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9 photos of baby elepants

9 Adorable Pictures of Baby Elephants

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20 baby animals that aren't cats or dogs

20 Adorable Baby Animals (That Aren't Cats or Dogs)

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baby elephant playing in the sand - thumbnail of elephant in the sand

Baby Elephant Playing In The Sand (Video)

It's the little things in life
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tumblr thread about elephants being the sweetest animals thumbnail includes part of the thread 'Text - and they aren't really "scared of mice" but they will get upset and try really hard to get away from a mouse because (we think) they are really afraid of stepping on the mouse!!! they know they are big and have big stompy feets and they are afraid of stepping on other animals!!!'

Tumblr Thread: Elephants Are The Sweetest Animals

And they think we're cute - scientifically proven.
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story about a baby elephant that was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road getting cpr and surviving as well as being returned to its mother thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby elephant lying on the road and receiving cpr and another of the baby elephant back with its mother

CPR Revives Baby Elephant, It Returns To Its Mother Safely

"When the baby elephant starting to move, I almost cried."
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kaavan the world's loneliest elephant is now at a sanctuary in cambodia | singer Cher in sunglasses and a face mask holding up a sign that reads "CHER KAAVAN"

Icon Cher Helps Rescue Kaavan, "World's Loneliest Elephant," From Pakistan Zoo

He's being transferred to a sanctuary
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all things elephants related, memes, tweets, tumblr posts - thumbnail includes two images one of baby elephant sucking its trunk and one of an elephant being introduced to a seal at the Oregon Zoo | Did know. Baby elephants suck on their trunks, much like babies suck their thumbs comforts them. | animal handlers at Oregon Zoo took Elephant around meet some other animals sea lions were her favorite.

Large And In-Charge Elephant Collection (Memes, Facts, Tweets)

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pictures of animals hiding behind things and still being visible animals suck at hiding playing hide and seek thumbnail includes two pictures including a giraffe hiding behind a tree while half of it is visible and a dog hiding behind a curtain that is draped over it and is almost completely visible

Silly But Adorable Animals Who Suck At Hide And Seek

Can you find them in the pics? We definitely can't. Nope. Not at all.
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collection of pictures tweets memes and videos of elephants thumbnail includes two pictures including one of an elephant sitting under a waterfall with its trunk up smiling and another of an elephant touching a man's nose with its trunk 'boop I got your nose'

Memes And Pictures Of Elephants The Gentlest Giants

Elephant appreciation day!
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dogs cat dog meme funny cute hilarious turtle owl elephant giraffe alligator tumblr monkey fish memes pics | VERY IMPORTANT STRETCH BEFORE CHASING MAILMEN dog stretching against a wall |  Weeeeeeeeee! cute excited looking turtle tortoise

Collection Of Silly And Fun Animal Memes (27 Memes)

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loneliness elephant zoo sanctuary released sad poor conditions lonely animals elephants cambodia news

'World's Loneliest Elephant' To Be Released From Zoo

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blind elephants classical music old ailing elephant sanctuary animals thailand piano pianist paul barton beautiful youtube video

Classical Pianist Plays To Soothe Blind, Ailing Elephants At Sanctuary

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elephants elephant animal facts interesting cool amazing gentle giants beautiful animals information | AN ELEPHANT IS ONLY MAMMAL WHO CAN'T JUMP.

Facts About Everyone's Favorite Gentle Giants

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