I Can Has Cheezburger?


Dumb cats cat memes lol cute relatable funny cats cattos kitty kittens kitten adorable silly stupid noggin smol empty headed dummy hoomans

Silliest Empty-Headed Cat Memes to Brighten Your Mood This Weekend

Stupid is as stupid does
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cat memes cats adorable relatable stupid empty head silly goose dumb cute smart pets survive the week mood booster meme

Silliest Empty-Headed Cat Memes to Help You Survive the Week

Looks like the lights are on, but nobody's home
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stories of dumb things cats have done | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat making a silly face and a cat lying in an uncomfortable position

The Dumbest Things Cats Have Done Because Dumb Cats Deserve Love Too

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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stories about dumb cats doing stupid things | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Christine Weadick We had a mouse. It came out from under the fridge and ran beside our cat. He swiped at it a couple of times but then it ran beside him and then around behind him. As it went around behind, he lost sight of said mouse and sat down on the mouse wondering where it went. Never did figure out what was funnier, the look on his face as it started to wiggle out from under his rump'

Dumb Cats Deserve Love Too: Wholesome But Stupid Cat Moments

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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reddit posts of animals being derps thumbnail includes a picture of a stoned black cat 'Peat experienced catnip for the very first time and was transformed into the stoner meme guy for 20 minutes. u/dharma_36'

Derp Level 1000: Animal Edition

The derpiest of them all.
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posts from r/whatswrongwithyourdog thumbnail includes a picture of two dogs sitting with their butts up against a wall 'When one sits on the wall, obviously the other has to, too u/Ciavagliajm'

Doggos Being Their Loveable Weirdo Selves

What's wrong with your dog? Absolutely nothing.
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this week's collection of dog memes thumbnail includes two memes including one of a dog sitting in a sink 'Vertebrate - Franklin took his baths in the sink as a puppy and refuses to ever pupgrade to the tub...' and another of three dogs one of which is lying on its back 'Dog breed - just-for-grins: Clearly someone forgot how to dog...so he potato'd instead. just-for-grins'

Tiny Bit Weird But Lovable Doggos (Memes)

All good boys and girls.
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tumblr thread about a dumb dog who licks doors whenever he wants to go outside thumbnail includes a picture of a dog licking a closet door and the text 'Now whenever he needs out, he will go to any random door and start licking it. And I mean any door - the bathroom door, my bedroom door, my closet, the goddamn door of a kitchen cabinet, even'

Tumblr Thread: Dog Licks Doors Whenever He Wants To Go Out

the bedroom door, the bathroom door, the cabinet door, the shower door, and the closet door..........
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dogs that are confused

18 Dogs Who Just Don't Get It

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jokes dumb animals - 4803845

Here Are Some Dumb Animal Jokes To Make You Giggle

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We Think it's Dumb Too

animals dumb Cats - 8372199680
See all captions Created by Niki Terzieff

Talk About Hitting the Wall...

dumb sticks - 8290611456
See all captions Created by Megacat

A Tale of Two Thought Processes

Cats dumb - 8254238464
See all captions Created by chech1965

Man's Lovable Dumb Best Friend

gifs dumb sticks - 8185298688
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Just Have to Think Outside the Box...

Funny GIF of a cute little mouse running circles around his running wheel, which is not the way you are supposed to use it, but certainly gets the job done.
Created by beernbiccies

What You DON'T Know, is He Has X-Ray Vision!

dumb funny - 8026050560
Created by Unknown
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