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video of kitten and duck | thumbnail image of kitten and duck cuddling in bowl

Kitten Hugs Little Duck Tightly And Holds Him Close To Her For Comfort (Video)

So smol
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baby duck wholesome duckling duck adorable mom-cat cat mom kitten cute mama cat Cats unique-animal-family - 1620487

Abandoned Duckling Gets Rescued and Lovingly Taken in by a Cat Mama and Her Five Kittens

Okay, who's pitching this story to Pixar??
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video of a man going on a swim with his pet duck | thumbnail includes one picture of a man and a duck swimming underwater

Man Goes On A Dive With His Pet Duck, And It's Wholesome AF (Video)

We wanna do that too.
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a cute compilation of baby ducks on tiktok | Thumbnail includes two photos of baby ducks

Joyful Baby Ducks Having A Duck-lightful Time

So Much Cute
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viral twitter thread about someone making an army of snow ducks | thumbnail includes two pictures including a snowball maker toy and a whole lot of snow ducks and one tweet 'Product - woahh mann @ashhhhhhole this is the best day of my life 8:44 PM - Jan 15, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 91.5K Retweets 8,701 Quote Tweets 953K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Woman Builds An Army Of Snow Ducks And Goes Viral

this girl truly has her ducks in a row.
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a silly thread about why you need to adopt a duck | thumbnail includes text saying 'my first date?'

16 Duck Tweets That Are Pretty Persuasive

It's time to get a duck!
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list of funny photos and videos of winkle the duck | thumbnail includes two photos of winkle in action

Wrinkle The Duck Will Quack You Up

So heckin' cute!
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video of baby duck and cat becoming friends | thumbnail left cat and baby duck, thumbnail right cat sitting on top of a robot vacuum cleaner while duck watches

Kitten And Duck Become BFFs And Follow Each Other Around Dotingly (Video)

There are few things we love more than an awwdorable interspecies animal friendship . Wholesome bonds such as the one between this duck and cat bff duo remind us that the world ain't so bad after all. There is so much love and beauty to appreciate, and so many animals to help us humans in doing just that, we can't let ourselves get too distracted by the negative! This video features an adorable baby duck being introduced to what we can assume is the resident cat. Things are a little shaky at fi…
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twitter thread about a user getting chased by a gang of ducks | thumbnail includes a picture of a duck and ducklings and one tweet 'Font - Jetpacker Extraordinaire @Still Birdy Y'all.. I just got chased back inside by a gang of ducks.'

Twitter Thread: Petrified User Gets Chased By A Gang Of Ducks

They be scary sometimes.
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collection of duck memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a duck with a cop 'Car - COP: license and registration, please GOOSE: *whispering* ask him COP: *sighs* And a slice of bread' and another duck 'Bird - Anatidaephobia The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. Jimmy has anatidaephobia. Your ass is mine, Jimmy'

15 Sweet and Funny Quackalackin' Duck Memes

What's Quackalackin'?
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viral tweets about 'long boi' the tallest mallard duck to have ever lived | thumbnail includes a picture of a really tall duck and one tweet 'Bird - Dick King-Smith HQ @DickKingSmith ... "The tallest mallard duck to have ever lived (since records began) known as 'Long Boi.' He lives on the campus of the University of York, England. He stands just over 1m tall (3.5ft)." 8:54 AM Apr 29, 2021 Twitter Web App 32.5K Retweets 9,645 Quote Tweets 208.2K Likes'

Funny Viral Tweets About The 'Tallest Mallard Duck To Have Ever Lived'

He's magnificent.
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tumblr thread about a mourning dog befriending a duck and starting to smile again thumbnail includes two pictures of a dog and a duck 'George the dog has been depressed for 2 years since his best friend of 12 years, a Labrador named Blackie, died. The poor pooch wouldn't even move much but last Thursday a duck waddled into his life out of nowhere...'

Tumblr Thread: Mourning Dog Befriends Duck And Gets Happy Again

Friends help with everything <3
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twitter account giving reasons why everyone should have ducks thumbnail includes two pictures including a duck with a cute haircut and another of a duck jumping up to eat something from someone's hand 'why you should have a ducks @shouldhaveaduck'

Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Ducks (Tweets)

Don't question it, you need one.
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baby duckling runst o keep up with jogger - thumbnail of cute baby duckling running

Determined Duckling Keeps Up With Jogger (Video)

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duck gets rescued - thumbnail of cute duck in car

Man's Fiancée Saves Duck, Shares Cute Pictures

Thank goodness for good people
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There he is!

El Vigilante Vegano @dirtiexdan Here he is tiny duck duckling in a cowboy hat
Via @dirtiexdan
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