I Can Has Cheezburger?


Bunch of Speciesist Jerks

angry baby best of the week circle of life disney Hall of Fame holding up nothing otters song - 6231744000
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The off-off-off broadway version

broadway disney lion king musical play theater theatre - 6208429056
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I Has A Hotdog: Da Magik Kindom

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Roostella De Ville

chicken disney evil feathers hair hairdo rooster - 5912187648
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The Fox and the Hound IRL

disney foxes IRL movies - 5908388608
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I am Bambi.

bambi caption captioned deer die disney fawn killed mother Movie plot prepare you - 5747534080
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Or Ever Again

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She's Got All of the Moves

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Deleted Scene from "Wall-E"

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Another Reason Why I've Never Enjoyed Disney

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bird chickadee comparison disney FAIL lolwut pretty rant song - 5337298432
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bambi better bunny cuddling deer disney friends friendship Hall of Fame improvement Interspecies Love IRL love rabbit thumper - 5325167616
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But "Chameleouille" Just Doesn't Have a Good Ring to It...

chameleon disney food hair I Can Has Cheezburger movies ratatouille reptiles - 5199608832
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The Lost Eighth Dwarf

disney roflrazzi snow white ugly - 5140776960
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