I Can Has Cheezburger?


disney fairy tale frog - 1310981

The Princess and the Frog IRL

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i'm not really a mouse. i just play one on the internet.

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Disney Created a Real Life Dug and People Loved It

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disney villains laughing Video parrot - 81582849

This Parrot Laughs Like a Villain in a Disney Movie

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A Modern Day Timon and Pumbaa

a modern day timon and pumbaa
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Long Live the King

funny memes cat acts like scar
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disney cute Video - 144391

So Romantic

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Nooooo! Not Again!

funny cats lion king Nooooo! Not Again!
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disney kitten cute Video - 71738113

Kittens Reenact the Epic Fight Scene From the Lion King

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Will You Be My Friend?

baby deer disney rabbit - 3975857408

The Real Life Inspiration for the 'Feast' Dog Sure Looks Hungry!

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disney pixar cartoons - 68764161

One Lucky Dog Gets to Live in the House From Up!

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costume disney puppies Video - 66745089

Get Over the Hump Today With These Adorable Disney Puppies in Slow Motion

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disney cosplay puppies Video - 66492673

If You Thought You Couldn't Love Your Favorite Disney Character More, You Haven't Yet Seen Them as a Puppy

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Big Cat Spotted Lurking Near Disneyland Paris

news disney paris disney world big cats Cats - 8377582848
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Come with Me if You Want Happy Wheels

disney terminator penguin - 8369678848
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