I Can Has Cheezburger?


Whatsit: Deers in Disguise?

antelope deer disguise stripes whatsit wednesday - 6613901056
Via Animal Orphanage Kenya

Be the cheezburger

bulldog cheezburger costume cow disguise hunting - 6479049472
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Daily Squee: Sugarplum Fairy

disguise flying squirrel japanese snow squee - 6303761920
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We Know

deer disguise pretending - 6475578880
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Animal Capshunz: Where'd You Say You Were From?

captions disguise hunting lion suspicious water zebras - 6517315840
Via Reddit

The master

banana bowl captions Cats disguise master - 6478018816
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We're On a Mission... From Dog.

corgi disguise similar sounding sunglasses tie - 6440914688
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Mr Nawtypaws?

bad disguise hide mustache naughty pretend searching - 6392597760
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Lolcats: Don't look at da ears.

bad bunnies bunny captions Cats disguise feet lie lolcats lying naughty pretend pretending rabbit - 6344707584
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Animal Capshunz: The Target Will Never See Him Coming

birds captions disguise Owl owls shape - 6294793728
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I Haz Mazk Tu. See?

cat disguise gang garbage mask name raccoons seriously - 6214001408
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You Can't Fool Me, Dog

camouflage disguise hide pomeranian - 6148994816
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Unnercubber Lolrus!

bukkit costume disguise hide lizard lolrus mustache - 6029045760
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Camouflage Failure

camouflage cone disguise face hide nose penguin polar bear - 5998579968
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Who Is This Handsome Devil?

disguise finger hide mustache pug - 6000103936
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Suddenly, I feel delicious...

camouflage disguise food guinea pig hide hotdog i has a hotdog - 5977695488
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