I Can Has Cheezburger?


Infiltration Successful

disguise squirrels costume - 7782130176
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Could Always Use Some Extra Padding

fur Cats disguise - 7373952512
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Thanks to Our Clever Disguises!

disguise tiger pig - 7145770240
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This Bag Will Have to Do

disguise bag shame Cats - 7109040896
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Does He Suspect Anything? Neigh!

disguise human horses trust they suspect nothing - 6938348032
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From J.J. Abrams

disguise remake squirrels superhero superman - 6883730176
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Said the Snake Venomously

pretzel disguise come over here snake seems legit - 6840428288
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We're Pretty Boring, So You Should Probably Just Move Along

rocks disguise turtles hiding - 6866298880
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costume disguise squirrels corgi - 6707695104
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Udder Deception

disguise cow FAIL meow - 6737446400
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You See, I Have a Mustache

disguise mustache mistaken monkey - 6693115648
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Oh, My Mistake

disguise mustache monkey wasnt me - 6659795200
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Cheesburger Factory here I come!

cheesburger disguise sneaky - 6606377216
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How Do They Keep Finding Me?

polar bear disguise patrick stewart facepalm paparazzi - 6614947584
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of course i am not mr fluffkins

disguise hide outfit blend in Cats captions sunglasses bow tie - 6606995456
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Truman Catpote. The early years.

captions Cats costume disguise outfit - 6617053696
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