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23 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people discuss how often cats should be bathed | Thumbnail includes a black and white wet cat that just got out of the shower 'An adult man who learned the consequences of shitting his pants'

Cat People Discuss Whether We Should Be Bathing Our Cats And How Often

The debate of the century
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The cutest, dirtiest dogs of the week | thumbnail text - cute dogs

The Dirtiest Yet Most Dashing Doggos

How could something so dirty be so cute?
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Animals covered in mud | lion with its face dunked in mud | wild boar with mud all over its legs and chest

Let's Get Dirty With Photos Of Animals Covered In Mud

Muddy animals
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flirty memes animals cute

18 Lovey-Dovey Flirty Animal Memes To Tag Your Significant Other In

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kitten bath dirty Cats fostering - 2531077

Women Shows The "Dirty" Side Of Fostering A Pet By Posting About A Poop Explosion

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Artist Transforms Dirty Cars Into Works Of Art - Cover graphic of old western style drawing on the back of a muddy Toyota Tundra.

18 Dirty Cars Art Works That Prove Dust Is Beautiful

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Baths are for Chumps

baths puppies cute dirty - 8077189888
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Or elephants

cat cry birdie sky eye caption dirty pretty cows - 8972202240
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Is The Turkey Ready Now?

puppy cute dirty - 8387220736
Via CityCaption

Time for Treats and Belly Scratches

whoops muddy dirty - 8381056256
See all captions Created by echeg5

Looks Like He Had Fun Over the Weekend Though

bulldog mud dirty monday - 8377104128
See all captions Created by beckysdad

The Only Loser is the Backseat of Your Car

bulldog dirty mud - 8376037888
Via love_the_heat

Your Version of Clean is Ridiculous, Human!

baths dirty funny - 8204120320
See all captions Created by Greencliff

I Admit it...I Need a Bath

baths dirty embarassed puppies - 8197125888
Via SparkRTM

Next Time Roll in a Bed of Flowers

bath dirty - 8180943616
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Well You Shouldn't Have put all That Awesome Dirt in it!

cute flowers dirty digging puppies trouble spring - 8139327488
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