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I ain't seeing no buffalo, but there sure as heck are a bunch of deer around here. One of the cutest, and surprisingly menacing creatures, at least to suburbia, is the deer. Don't let those doe eyes and bushy tails fool you, turn your head at the wrong time and your Rhododendrons are gone! So check out all this stash of deer products you won't be disappointed in, and forget about your lost gardening award.

Taking "You Are What You Eat" a Bit Literally, Eh?

taking you are what you eat a bit literally eh
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doe close up deer Video - 82745601

Get up Close and Personal With a Beautiful, Wild Doe

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beach deer jumping Video - 82719233

Carefree Deer Hops Across a Beach at Sunrise Much to the Delight of Everyone Watching

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pets deer Video - 82106113

Bramble, the Deer, Thinks He's a Dog

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The Smug Goat Just Met His Match; Meet Smug Deer

the smug goat just met his match
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Oh Deer Me, I Can't Bear to Watch

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twitter list deer food Video animals win - 882949

This Teen's Wild Squad Knows When to Show Up For the Best Snacks

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The Deer at Nara Park in Japan Bow to Say Thanks for Treats

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hero deer Video rescue - 81528321

Hero Jumps Out of His Boat to Save a Drowning Baby Deer

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wtf barking deer noise weird Video - 81417473

This Doe Makes the Weirdest Barking Noise While Jumping Around

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These Two Seem Fawned of Each Other

these two seem fawned of each other
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You'd Be Mad Too if You Hadn't Seen the Sun in Years

saw a furious deer in scotland
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friendship friends deer sweet species Cats animals - 832261

This Cat and Deer Have an Adorable Friendship

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Oh Hey, Whatcha Got to Eat in Deer?

i see you in deer
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This is Quite Possibly the Tiniest Deer Ever

this is quite possibly the tiniest deer ever
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baby deer Video - 78884865

Little Boy and Deer Are BFFs

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