I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Clear the Dance Floor, This Chihuahua's Got the Best Breakdance Moves

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Instructions, Instructions

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Drake's Out of a Job Ever Since This Pug Stole His Moves

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Mikhail Baryshnikat

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By Philippa2
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This Cat Only Has One Move But He Can Really Dance

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Dancing Dog is Multi-Tasking by Getting Some Cardio in While He Watches TV

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This Bird is Keeping The Dance Floor Active

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By Unknown

Happy Dance

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By anselmbe
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Enjoy George, The Dancing Cat, Drop Moves To Dubstep

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Watch As This 17-Year-Old Deaf Dog Reacts To Live Music

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Bust a Move, B-Mingo!

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Cutest. Rendition. Ever.

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Follow the Leader

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I Help Wash The Dishes

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By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Okay, I Did It! Now, Throw Money!!

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By mamawalker

Next Year's Superbowl Better Involve Dancing Chickens

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By Sylviag