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video of a featherless bird dancing and singing to Dancing Queen by ABBA | thumbnail includes one picture of a featherless cockatoo standing on a table with its wings spread

Featherless Cockatoo Grooving Out And Singing To 'Dancing Queen' By ABBA (Video)

Griffi the dancing cockatoo is back at it again!
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video of elephants dancing in the rain | thumbnail includes photos of elephants dancing together in the rain

Elephants Dance To Celebrate The Rain (Video)

Everybody Dance Now
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video of a featherless bird dancing perfectly on beat to The Humpty Dance | thumbnail includes a picture of a featherless bird on a railling

Featherless Bird Doing The Humpty Hump And Dancing Perfectly On Beat (Video)

Rocking out so hard.
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video of parrot singing "shake your booty" | thumbnail left and right image of grey parrot with red feathers

Parrot Sings Laugh Inducing Rendition of ‘Shake Your Booty’ (Video)

This parrot can get down
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video of a featherless cockatoo dancing perfectly to the beat of Biggie | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cockatoo dancing

Joyful Featherless Cockatoo Dancing Perfectly On Beat To Biggie

Never seen a happier bird <3
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video of a featherless cockatoo dancing perfectly to the best of Michael Jackson | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cockatoo dancing

Featherless Cockatoo Dancing And Singing Perfectly On Beat To MJ (Video)

Has a better sense of beat than me tbh.
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perfectly timed pictures of cats 'dancing' striking a pose thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat lifting its leg in a funny pose and another of a cat twisted around in a funny pose

Razzle Dazzler Dancing Cats Striking A Pose

Breakdancing, modern dance... they've got the moves.
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cute animal gifs aww adorable silly cats birds animals baby heartwarming uplifting wholesome | cute hedgehog with a pink nose wrapped up in a blanket | sleepy baby goat lamb under a bench

Treat For The Soul: 40 Essential Animal Gifs

They're all so heckin' cute
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cute funny dancing gifs animals cats dogs moves lol | cute cat paws sticking out of a white cat sized jumper. panda bear raising a leg in a stretch.

Animals Who Have Got The Groove And The Moves (25 Gifs)

These animals are jammin' out to their favorite songs -- and it's contagious!
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dancing cat history - 9341911552
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chicks chicken tutus cupcake

Chickens In Tutus Is Our New Favorite Thing (13 Pictures)

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dancing samoyed youtube cute talent happy dog Video - 93876481

What A Talented Doggo!

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dancing football dinosaurs t rex - 6938885

A Group of T-Rex Just Danced During Football Halftime And People Loved it

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dancing cute dogs cute behind the gif funny web comics - 5636101

This Dog Has Rhythm But Hides It Well (Comic)

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When Watching Bird Videos Makes You Rock

dancing gif birds Video - 9138055168
Via 4gifs
a funny list of animals dancing

All These Animals Want To Do Is Dance (15 Photos)

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