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ICanHasCheezburger Facebook comments about their pets being affectionate | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat outside and a Facebook comment 'Plant - Therese Lier When i was depressed, had been deeply depressed for some months, my cat started nagging me relentlessy and i could NOT make him stop, finally i just left the apartment to get away from him. He followed and we ended up going for a long walk. The next night he did the same nagging until i took him for a walk. That became'

Most Heartwarming Things Pets Have Done For Their Humans: ICanHas Edition

They can be the biggest sweethearts <3
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collection of Facebook comments about cats' weird hobbies | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying in a funny way in front of the TV and one Facebook comment 'Dog - Megan Marie Loki sploots like a corgi, carries around a plastic wrapped bag of microwave popcorn, balances toys on his face, loves being skritched with the pasta spoon, makes an "Arooooo" noise instead of meows, tips over like a fainting goat and spends his free time in my hallway on his back. He's a little different but a'

When Cats Go Cray Cray: Funny ICanHas Cat Habits

They be cray cray sometimes.
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Facebook comments about cats attacking bugs | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Top Fan Jeffrey Small A really large moth the size of a hummingbird flew in our bedroom one evening. I wasn't worried and let it be but my wife didn't like it. A little while later our new kitten came in, jumped up and swatted it to the ground and ran off with it. She is my wife's hero now. D9 14 Like · Reply · Message 3d'

Heroic Cats Saving Humans From Terrifying Bugs (ICanHasCheezburger Edition)

Our heroes.
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12 text images from reddit strangers comments on dogs | thumbnail blue background with reddit text foreground

Funny Or Odd Things Strangers Say Because Of Your Dog: Reddit Users Discussion

Hey there, dog owners! We know that having a dog/dogs can sometimes attract attention from strangers that you could honestly do without, but being in possession of such an awwdorable creature , you feel inclined to indulge strangers' comments. However, those comments aren't always nice. Sometimes they're just downright weird. It's no secret that people have a lot of opinions, but seems to be a secret is that sometimes it's better to keep all of those opinions to oneself! After reading through t…
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Facebook comments about funny animal moments | thumbnail includes a picture of a half-blind male cat attempting to feed a black kitten 'Brown - Mariel Stgo Meet this amazing one eyed mother cat. Breastfeeds its babies. Bathes its babies. Screams like a damn opera singer when the said babies are out of its sight. What so funny about this motherhood ensemble? My damn cat is male and has no He is neither the mom or dad of this babies. Those babies are his sisters babies!!! ODD 75 Like · Reply Mess'

Funniest And Silliest Pet Moments: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

Funny, silly, and soooo adorable.
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Facebook comments about cats adopting humans | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Patrick Califia One of my roommates acquired a cat on Thanksgiving. She and both of her pit bulls were in a food coma. The cat, who was feral, walked in (stepping on the dogs), climbed up on the table and ate a bunch of Turkey, then sashayed into the living room and fell asleep snuggled up to her. O 28 Like · Reply Message 4d'

Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Adopting Humans

Sometimes, it's them who choose us <3
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Facebook comments about cats' funny water drinking habits | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Rectangle - Dorothy Cho My cat will not drink tap water. She must have a clean water dish twice daily and you can only use high end bottled water. She must inspect the bottle water before you pour into her dish. If she does not want you that brand of water she will let you know Like · Reply Message 1d'

Cats And Their Ridiculously Pompous Water Drinking Habits

Why u so picky? Just drink.
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Facebook comments about people accidentally using pet products | thumbnail includes two Facebook comments 'Rectangle - Julie Anne My husband ate dog food one day. I came home, and he told me how awful the stew was. I asked him to show me the can because I didn't remember buying any cans of beef stew. Yep. Alpo. 11 Like Reply Message 3d' and 'Rectangle - Top Fan Betsy Johnson Langley The vet gave us some medicated horse shampoo for ringworms to use on the kitten we just got. Boyfriend used it on'

People Accidentally (Or Purposefully) Using Their Pets' Products

They just... work better sometimes??
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Facebook comments about cats' crazy moments | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Susan Wattles I had a cat who did laps around my living room, using a rocking chair as a catapult. I was leaning forward from the couch as his body came hurdling across the room, and I ended up with a black eye. No one believed my explanation. 14 Like · Reply Message 2d Edited'

Stories Of Cats' Unexpected Random Moments Of Madness

crazy little furballs smh
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Facebook comments about cats being affectionate thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Mary Gillis I had just lost my 15 year old kitty to a sudden illness who I so dearly loved. I was in bed crying my heart out and our other cat who never once came on the bed, came up and snuggled against me purring up a storm. It was like she knew he was gone and wanted me to know it was going to be alright. ODS 18 Like · Reply · Message 1d'

Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Showing Affection To Their Humans

And people say cats are cold...
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Facebook comments about cats' strange behaviors | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat next to a pasta spoon and one Facebook comment 'Wood - Megan Marie My Loki (Maine Coon/ Siberian Forest Cat mix) sploots like a Corgi and cuddles his favorite pasta spoon. He also loves to lounge on his back with a cat toy balanced on his face. I could tell you all about him but but theres not enough space.'

Cats Behaving Like The Weirdos They Are: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

We love these crazies so much.
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Facebook comments of cats being obsessed with human food | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats staring at food and one Facebook comment 'Rectangle - Britt O'Leary Vikki is my food monster cat. She doesn't even want to eat it. Just smell it and maybe give a tiny lick just to ruin it for the human. 3 Like · Reply · Message 10h'

Cats And Their Eternally Weird Obsession With Human Food

They want it even when they don't want it.
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Facebook comments of stories of pets who were fostered being adopted | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Joey Russell Neiter It has been almost 4 years now and we still haven't found her home of course we're not looking, and we've moved out of the state we found her in 42'

Heartwarming Adoptions Of Pets Who Were Supposed To 'Only Stay A Few Days'

Adoption galore <3 <3 <3
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Facebook comments about husbands loving kittens | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying on top of a man and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Jennifer Cremeans Mr. "No more cats allowed in the house ever" right here lol. D 14 Like · Reply Message 2d'

Adorably Amusing Husbands Rescuing And Loving Cats

Men worth of keeping for sure lol <3
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Facebook comments about cats loving their humans | thumbnail includes a picture of two cats and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Top Fan Taramay Curtis They really love you if they do what my girls do, "potty patrol", supervised potty time. Like really they gotta stare at me the whole time..lol OD 15'

Ways Cats Show Love To Their Humans (Facebook Comments)

Wholesome yet funny lol.
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Facebook comments of people sharing their cats' adoption stories | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Packing materials - Mis Chelle I saw Dodger's photo on a local rescues page -- the orange tabby baby had to have eye surgery. I knew that would prevent him from being adopted quickly. About 6 months later I lost my one-eyed cat Peepers. After I moved into my house I got to thinking about that cat with the eye surgery and contacted the rescue. Sure enough, no one had adopted the "less than'

Heartwarming Cat Adoption Stories From ICanHasCheezburger Users

All the feels <3
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