I Can Has Cheezburger?


I came in like a Jingle Bell

lizard dangling on a bell like miley cyrus in the wrecking ball video and caption that reads i came in like a jingle bell...
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cats in santa hats sitting in wicker baskets

The Cutest Christmas!

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christmas toronto zoo animals - 100975873

Toronto Zoo Animals Opening Their Christmas Presents

Zoo Animals Opening Christmas Presents
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Santa reindeer are actually female | silhouette of Santa in his sled led by eight reindeer flying over the moon

Surprise: According To Science, All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female

All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female
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Awkward Family Photos Featuring Pets for christmas | a couple holding a black cat wrapped in a blanket like a baby in front of a heavenly backdrop with a glowing floating cat. Wish Meowy Christmas and Cat Nappy New Year! Love, Freddie Mercury, Riot, Kristine Daryl. woman holding a cat above her head while a man is drinking straight from a bottle, a Christmas tree is in the background

Time For Some Awkward Family Photos Featuring Pets

Awkward Family Photos Featuring Pets
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pitbull christmas miracle zeus dog dogs xmas heartwarming aww | dog_rates This is Zeus. He stolen his home Montana few months ago. Last week he found over 2,000 miles away West Virginia. Since many airlines ban pitbulls relay team 30 volunteers drove him all way home time Christmas. 15/10 everyone involved

Stolen Pitbull Returned Home In Time For Christmas

Fifteen drivers, nine states, four days.
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cats taking over nativity scenes | black cat sitting in the middle of a nativity scene surrounded by figurines

Cats That Took Over Nativity Scenes So They Can Be The Center Of Attention

cats taking over nativity scenes
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

funny comic cats christmas art reindeer santa xmas lol | comic of santa looking frustrated while sitting on his sled, speech bubble that reads hire cats instead of reindeer they said. it would be fun they said. next panel of the comic shows santa yelling at a group of cat pooping and napping in the snow. speech bubble that reads we do not have time to take a cat nap at every house
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christmas cute video cat videos Cats - 100907521

"Last Christmas" By Wham: The Bongo Cat Version

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CATS destroying Christmas trees | cute orange cat sitting on a blanket under a Christmas tree with a snowman plushie tweet by JacquiChilds Right before he pulled tree down second time #ChristmasTree #Caturday

A Whole Bunch of Cats in a Whole Bunch of Christmas Trees

Cats in Christmas Trees
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I am the star

cat sitting proudly on top of a christmas tree where normally a tree topper would go and caption that reads, because in this house there's only one star
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christmas funny cats cat videos Cats - 100907777

A Precise Description Of Every Cat At Christmas

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A parade of Dachshunds Wearing Christmas Jumpers in london, adorable wiener dogs wearing Christmas themed outfits

One Hundred Dachshunds Wearing Christmas Jumpers Gathered For The Holiday Parade In London

A parade of Dachshunds Wearing Christmas Jumpers
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cat christmas tree birth tweets kittens aww cute | calico cat and her newborn kittens on a tartan blanket under a decorated and lit up Christmas tree tweet by WeTheDanielle My cat just gave birth under our Christmas tree

Meowy Christmas: Cat Gives Birth Under Christmas Tree

What a magical night, a cat giving birth under the glowing lights of a Christmas Tree.
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brown cat tangled inside a decorated Christmas tree among baubles and fairy lights and caption that reads i know i've been bad lately but i really need your help right now
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infographics about pet safety tips for pet owners on christmas | cute art depicting a pug dog in a christmas hat standing in a snowy landscape next to a christmas tree and some wrapped gifts

Christmas Safety Tips for Pet Owners (Helpful Infographics)

Christmas safety tips for pets
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