I Can Has Cheezburger?


simons cat Christmas holiday season - funny animated video thumbnail of simons cat trying to take angel off of tree

Simon's Cat New Christmas Special (Animation)

Simon's Cat trying to spread love this holiday season
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pictures of dogs entangled in Christmas lights thumbnail includes two pictures including an older dog entangled in Christmas lights and two dogs one small and one large entangled in Christmas lights and looking guilty

Joyful Christmas Disasters With Dogs Entangled In Lights

When Christmas cheer goes too far
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family finds koala on their christmas tree - thumbnail of koala on christmas tree

Australian Family Discovers A Koala Chilling On Their Christmas Tree

Greatest Christmas gift ever
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cats vs christmas trees - thumbnail of crying white cat besides a fallen christmas tree "I love my cat I love my cat I love my cat"

Cats vs Christmas Trees: The Endless Struggle Continues

A timeless classic
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story about an owl that was rescued from inside of a Christmas tree getting released back into the wild thumbnail includes two pictures including an owl inside a box surrounded by Christmas tree parts and another of a woman letting a tiny owl go and the owl flying away

Tiny Owl Rescued From Christmas Tree Is Set Free

A true Christmas miracle.
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Blind dog reaction to christmas gift | woman sitting on the floor by a Christmas tree and presenting a big bone chew toy tied with a ribbon to a white dog sniffing it

Reaction Of a Blind Dog To His Christmas Gift Melted Hearts On Twitter

Reaction Of a Blind Dog To Christmas Gift
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Christmas trees leftovers as food for goats | four goats eating an old Christmas tree in a snowy yard

Looking For An Environmental Way To Get Rid Of Your Christmas Tree? Give It To Hungry Goats

Giving Christmas trees to hungry goats
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xmas christmas cats gift dog money twitter tweets funny aww cute | tweet by averagediana that reads My dad didn't want my cat feel left out this Christmas LMAO. photo of an envelope addressed to the cat. photo of an orange cat sleeping with a 5 dollar bill.

Cat Gets Money For Christmas And Sparks Wholesome Thread

Adorable Twitter thread shares a series of photos of a family giving their pet cat, Gus, a Christmas gift of $5.
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christmas scary spooky legend Cats - 1067526

Legend Of Jólakötturinn: Wicked Yule Cat Who Eats Those Without New Clothes

Once a year, during Christmas time, the Yule Cat comes out and eats people who haven't gotten any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve.
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The cutest

tweet with three pics showing a man leaving tiny wrapped presents outside and a squirrel looking between them and sticking its little nose inside one. so my dad gave the squirrels Christmas presents.

I came in like a Jingle Bell

lizard dangling on a bell like miley cyrus in the wrecking ball video and caption that reads i came in like a jingle bell...
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cats in santa hats sitting in wicker baskets

The Cutest Christmas!

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christmas toronto zoo animals - 100975873

Toronto Zoo Animals Opening Their Christmas Presents

Zoo Animals Opening Christmas Presents
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Santa reindeer are actually female | silhouette of Santa in his sled led by eight reindeer flying over the moon

Surprise: According To Science, All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female

All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female
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Awkward Family Photos Featuring Pets for christmas | a couple holding a black cat wrapped in a blanket like a baby in front of a heavenly backdrop with a glowing floating cat. Wish Meowy Christmas and Cat Nappy New Year! Love, Freddie Mercury, Riot, Kristine Daryl. woman holding a cat above her head while a man is drinking straight from a bottle, a Christmas tree is in the background

Time For Some Awkward Family Photos Featuring Pets

Awkward Family Photos Featuring Pets
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pitbull christmas miracle zeus dog dogs xmas heartwarming aww | dog_rates This is Zeus. He stolen his home Montana few months ago. Last week he found over 2,000 miles away West Virginia. Since many airlines ban pitbulls relay team 30 volunteers drove him all way home time Christmas. 15/10 everyone involved

Stolen Pitbull Returned Home In Time For Christmas

Fifteen drivers, nine states, four days.
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