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Just sit your keister down in that chair right there and harken: chairs sometimes don't leave you a leg to lean on. But if you get smacked by a  person in a wheelchair, you could call it a hit but can't run. So if you're into chairs and literally anything having to do with them. Just remember, you'll never be as good as Steven Hawking at musical chairs.

Ugh, There's Nothing to Dooooo

chair gifs spin bored Cats - 6943162112
Created by Unknown


chair falling what breed - 6829699840
See all captions Created by mikenewman


chair gifs i regret nothing spin Cats - 6836781568
Created by Unknown

When I was a kitten it was SO comfortable!

chair pain captions neck comfy Cats - 6751149312
See all captions Created by betskand

Reader Squee: Madam Mim

chair cat reader squee pet squee - 6664269568
Created by saranini

Reader Squee: Rescued Barn Kittens

chair cat reader squee kitten pet squee barn rescue - 6662019840
Created by hanshamm7

MY Spot!

chair cat stuffed animals reader squee squee - 6650084864
Created by Jennifer

There's eben this cushy soft stuff on it called carpet, see?

chair floor captions seat Cats spot - 6272993024
See all captions Created by AngelAndz


chair gifs ouch - 6610045184
Created by Unknown

Reader Squee: Free-Range Guinea Pig

chair guinea pig pet reader squee - 6603473664
Created by MyBugIsCute

Animal Capshunz: You Gonna Argue?

captions chair furniture goggie ripped tiger torn - 6534290176
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Animal Capshunz: I'd Like to Thank me Muddah...

cat chair fight scratched tiger - 6531396608
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Could Be Worse

Cats chair clawing complaining furniture problems ripped tiger torn - 6531908864
See all captions Created by TooManyCats

I'll Miss Him

chair fight mine tiger winner - 6532242944
See all captions Created by Stinkyray

Animal Gifs: So...

chair evil pug spin - 6537893376
Created by funkybash

I Has A Hotdog: All Dogs Are Lap Dogs

captions chair great dane if i fits i sits lap dogs mommy sitting woman - 6489621760
See all captions Created by alexisvaness