I Can Has Cheezburger?


Young Lady, Get Home This Instant!

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Hold On A Second! I Need to Find My Lip Gloss!

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Via "the time has come," the walrus said


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Ambition Is Not for Everyone

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I Bette She's Having So Much Fun!

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Why not put DAT ASS in DIS HAND?

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Handily Explains His Best Relationship

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She's the Most Bistro Woman in the Entire World

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Darling, You Look Fabulous!

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Well, Tough Luck to You and the Rest of Africa

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Every Little Girl and Boy Will Expect One Under the Tree!

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One of the Least Strange Things He's Ever Done

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Sing That Song, Shatman!

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I Let Go, Jack. I Let It All Go.

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Arguably the World's Biggest SUPERSTAR!

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You Read That in His Voice, Didn't You?

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