I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures of animals wearing casts thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a tiny hamster held in someone's hand wearing a cast and another of a dog wearing two casts on its legs sitting and smiling

Well Taken Care Of Animals With Little Casts

brave little cuties
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The cast of cats movie as medieval cat paintings | tweet by EmmaTolkin CAST CATS AS MEDIEVAL CAT PAINTINGS THREAD Producers Cats Medieval painters Not knowing cat looks like

The Cast Of "Cats" As Medieval Cat Paintings

Cast of "Cats" as medieval cat paintings
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The Tiniest Cast of All Time for a Wee Broken Arm

the tiniest cast of all time for a wee broken arm
Via GeorgeOnee

Unstoppable *'Eye of the Tiger' Plays*

cast puppy - 8449575168
Via Alabaster_Sugarfoot

Puppy Don't Care! Puppy Got Stuff to do!

cast cute gifs puppies - 8228441600
Via I Raff I Ruse

That Branch was a Further Jump Than I Thought

ouch Babies cast squirrel cute - 8185165312
Via scnert

I Has an Ouchy...

ouch cast puppies cute - 8040537344
By Unknown

Oh, You Got Hurt? I Didn't Even Notice...

cast embarrassed injury - 7859550720
By Unknown

Chihuahua Has an Owie

cast chihuahua - 7670380288
Via Cuteoverload

Ahhhhh Man

ouch Sad summer cast ruined - 7666861056
By Unknown

Frances Furball Will Have Her Revenge on the Potholes of Seattle

cast cute injured funny - 7570530816
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Reader Squee Update: Moya Was a Little Sleepy...

nap cast kitten cute sleepy - 7557615616
By dysonr88

Personal Injury Kitty DEMANDS Satisfaction!

cat cast injury kitten kitty funny - 7032268032
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Pitiful Koala is Pitiful

cast doctor ice cream koala - 6178815232
By PSmitty2000 (Via ngm.nationalgeographic.com)

Don't Ask How

Sad cast turtles comforting happy - 6756750080
See all captions By TurtleAmazment

Dr. Katenheimer sez . . .

broken bones heal injured doctor cast Cats captions - 6659187968
See all captions By jennybookseller
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