I Can Has Cheezburger?


collection of cat memes a girlfriend sent to her boyfriend to make him smile | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat paw on glass 'Nose - Cataleya (She/Her) @CataleyaVi Everyone deserves good things you deserve good things 7:03 AM · 9/1/21 · Twitter for Android' and a cat with a ponytail 'Cat - You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it'

The Best Cat Memes Every Girlfriend Should Send Her Man This Week To Make Him Smile

The purrfect memes and gf.
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collection of animal memes sent to someone by her boyfriend | thumbnail includes two memes including an angry penguin 'Bird - My gf flexing in front of me after she decided to start working out, after years of battling with depression and anxiety' and a sleepy cat 'Cat - When u wake up next to bae while they sleep and realize how lucky u are'

Animal Memes My Boyfriend Sent Me This Week To Remind Me Why He’s The Best

Wholesome, funny, loving <3
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reddit thread about boyfriend defending cat over girlfriend | thumbnail includes part of a reddit thread 'AITA for taking my cats side over my gf? Font - Anyway we watching a movie high af when we heard a loud clash. We rushed out to see what had happened. Ofc the cat had pushed the cup off, as cats do. And she ran over and started screaming at him, and being the cat that he is he doesn't understand english so he just started walking away. My gf then pushed him off the banister, he landed'

Girlfriend Mistreats Boyfriend's Cat, He Takes Cat's Side, Wonders If He Did The Right Thing: AITA

Did he do the right thing?
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I've now had the puppy for a month and a half and in passing conversation I said "my puppy" My BF asked that when I talk to him about the puppy that I always refer to it as "ours". I said no, that I didn't want to have to always have to say "ours".

Clingy BF Offended When GF Of 6 Months Refers To Her Puppy As 'Mine' Instead Of 'Ours'

Time to set some boundaries
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a reddit thread about a woman whose boyfriend forbid her from letting her dog sleep in their bed at night | thumbnail includes text saying 'Boyfriend "put his foot down" about our dogs'

Woman's Boyfriend Commands Her To Kick Pet Dog Out Of Bedroom: Internet Weighs In

He said what?
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11 reddit text images bf demands gf sell horse | thumbnail blue background, red flag, horse graphic, text "Then last night he told me it was time to sell Lady. I laughed at him and asked if he was serious. He was. I told him no and he said I needed to start prioritizing this relationship more and I said I've done nothing but prioritize this relationship. We argued about it and he apparently thinks I can just put her down as she's old anyways."

Controlling Boyfriend Demands That Equestrian GF Sell Her Horse To 'Prioritize The Relationship'

Big red flag, buh bye
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a reddit thread about a man whose girlfriend brought her dog around his dog phobic brother | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for not allowing my gf and her dog to enter my house?'

Woman Brings Her Dog Around Boyfriend's Dog-Phobic Brother: Reddit Thread

Who's being unreasonable here?
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13 reddit text images of boyfriend giving girlfriend ultimatum over cat | thumbnail blue background "fter she got the cat she kept asking me what's wrong. I told her it was so inconsiderate of her to get the cat because I am allergic and what if we decide to move in together one day? I said I don't see this working out if she plans to keep the cat. She told me I'm overreacting and we just started dating so I shouldn't try to "control" her "

Entitled Dude Gives Girlfriend Of Two Months Cat UItimatum: It's Him Or The Cat

Pretty presumptuous fellow
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12 reddit text images bf pet fish debacle | thumbnail blue background "(26F) have outright banned him doing this for the simple fact i've seen this obsession before from him, it's what led to our pet mini lop rabbit Tootsie, and he doesn't clean out her hutch or litter tray at all and barely plays with her, she was his pet but has honestly ended up becoming mine as I couldn't stand to see her neglected, I know he'll end up doing the same with a fish tank and they'll not be cleaned out "

Woman Puts Her Foot Down When Irresponsible Boyfriend Requests Pet Fish And Aquarium

Case closed
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a cute twitter thread about two cats falling in love through a window | thumbnail includes text saying 'I bring you a tale of Brooklyn romance, my cat's obsessed with the cat next door'

Neighbor Cats Embark On Epic Romance: Wholesome Twitter Thread

Star-crossed Kitties
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Girl Debates What To Do Following Her Boyfriend's Request To Choose Between Him And Her Frogs | my 21f boyfriend 22m wants me to choose between him and my life passion frogs pic of a green frog with round red eyes

Girl Debates What To Do Following Her Boyfriend's Request To Choose Between Him And Her Frogs

Weird boyfriend request
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couple sleeps in separate bedrooms

This Woman And Her Boyfriend Sleep In Seperate Rooms So She Can Cuddle With Her Cat

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And About Time, too.

boyfriend jerk youre welcome Cats - 8404123904
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Now You Can Focus on 'Us'

animals boyfriend attack Cats - 8353443840
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After my Humans go to Sleep, I'll Sneak You Out of Here!

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To Be Honest, She Really Needs It

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