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video of seahorses giving birth | thumbnail ocean background blue with one big seahorse prominent and many baby seahorses floating around

Amazing Male Seahorse Giving Birth To Thousands Of Babies Underwater

Seahorses are such captivating creatures
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photos of cats celebrating their birthdays and cat birthday memes | thumbnail includes photo of a cat saying 'When you're at the restaurant on your bday and you see all of the wait staff headed to your table' and a photo of a cat blowing out a birthday cake

Cool Cats Celebrating Their Birthdays

Turn up the mewsic for these cool cats , who are celebrating their birthdays! Cat birthdays are a wonderful excuse to appreciate the hilarity and beauty of these fantastic felines, although let the record show that we enjoy any animal birthday, from a rhino birthday party to a doggy sweet 16… If you think about it, cats will celebrate fewer birthdays in their lifetime than humans will, so it makes perfect sense to go all out on their birthdays and spoil them with some pampering! Many of the cat…
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16 rhino images, new rhino born in zootampa | thumbnail left baby rhino, thumbnail right adult rhino in nature

Florida Zoo Announces Birth Of Southern White Rhino

Species Recovery In Action
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12 images and videos of robin laying eggs | thumbnail left robin couple sharing snack in nest, thumbnail right three freshly laid robin eggs

Sweet Robin Couple Becomes Parents (Videos)

Beautiful Process: Egg Laying And Hatching
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video of a dog getting a puppy for his birthday | thumbnail includes two pictures of a giant dog and a woman holding a large gift box

Excited Doggo Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

Best gift for the best boy <3
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tweets about people celebrating senior pets' special birthdays thumbnail includes a picture of a cat on a table and balloons spelling the number '15' and one tweet 'Furniture - Joshua Corey @joshcorey9 ... Kinda busy today, it's my cat's Quinceañera. 1:33 AM Mar 7, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 29.3K Retweets 1,117 Quote Tweets 315K Likes'

People Celebrating Their Senior Pets' Special Birthdays (Tweets)

Giving love to the senior birthday pets among us!
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viral imgur thread about a cat with cancer turning 13 thumbnail includes two pictures of a calm looking cat '"She lost a front leg to cancer in 2017 and I found a similar tumor in her other front leg. Thankfully, it's not growing as fast and doesn't seem to bother her as much... Happy birthday Goobs!" - ReluctantGenius'

Three-Legged Senior Cat That Has Cancer Celebrates 13th B-day (Viral Thread)

Such a strong kitty <3
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story about the world's oldest Nile crocodile celebrating its 120th birthday thumbnail includes one picture of a crocodile

Celebrating The 120th Birthday Of The Oldest Known Nile Crocodile

Happy birthday!!!
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cat medley filled with cuteness, laughs, and wholesome cat pics - thumbnail of cat at presidential stand "Holly for president!"

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Birthdays And Glow Ups

Cats, cats, and nothing but cats
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august oldest dog birthday Guinness world record aww animals dogs golden retriever | Happy 20th Birthday AUGUST four dogs posing with a sign

August Is The World's Oldest Golden Retriever At Age 20

Congratulations, August!
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koala australia life animals aww cute birth hope baby | koala mom mama snuggling cuddling a baby newborn koala bear with a pink nose

Australian Park Welcomes First Baby Koala Since The Devastasting Fires

A ray of hope
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cats cute funny loss animals lol aww birthday reddit cuteness | He loves getting raked by the back scratcher. He is my zen garden white cat with straight lines combed through the fur of its back

Cat Medley: Funnies, Cuteness Galore, Mourning And Loss

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cat birthday party adopt shelter animal aww heartbreaking cats | cute gray fluffy cat with big green eyes sitting on a green towel next to a miniature picnic table with cat treats arranged on it like cakes and a blue letter sign that reads HAPPY BIRTHDAY hanging above

Birthday Blues: Cat Searches For Forever Home After No One Came To Her Party

Our hearts are breaking
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tweet by Cincinnati red times flies when you're the cutest hippopotamus the world has ever seen. happy 3rd birthday Fiona! photo of a hippo wearing a party hat and blowing a party popper

Fiona The Hippo is Celebrating Her 3rd Birthday Munching on a Specially Made Birthday Cake

Fiona The Hippo is Celebrating Her 3rd Birthday
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cat christmas tree birth tweets kittens aww cute | calico cat and her newborn kittens on a tartan blanket under a decorated and lit up Christmas tree tweet by WeTheDanielle My cat just gave birth under our Christmas tree

Meowy Christmas: Cat Gives Birth Under Christmas Tree

What a magical night, a cat giving birth under the glowing lights of a Christmas Tree.
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chris pratt pigs gift

Chris Pratt Receives "Best Birthday Present Ever" From Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger - Two Piglets!

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