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In Honor of Grumpy Cat's 4th Birthday Here's Some Stuff You Probably Didn't Know About the Internet's Favorite Feline

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Dog Birthdays Are the Best!

dog birthday cake
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Where Was Our Invite?

dog birthday party
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This Dog Is a Little Worried About His Birthday Cupcake

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This Good Boy Waits Patiently Until He's Allowed to Eat His Birthday Cupcake in One Bite

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white grey and orange cat licking a singing birthday card

This Cat Must Love His Singing Birthday Card

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I Deserve That Extra Treat

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Of Course On His Birthday This Horse Can Blow Out His Birthday Candles

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My Kitteh's Reaction to His Birthday Present

black cat looking surprised next to box of tuna cans on bed
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This is Why We Can't Have Birthday Parties

birthday cat with colorful balloons sticking to its fur
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Just A Couple of Totally Unrelated Thoughts

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How Am I Supposed to Eat My Treat When You Set it On Fire

birthday candles pugs worried Sweet Treats - 8432534784
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No Chocolate Mousse?

grey cat in red shirt looking straight ahead at table with cupcake and one candle
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You Guys Know I'm Allergic!

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That's At Least Half A life Up In Smoke

orange kitten with black strip on its nose and blue eyes looking resolute happy birthday meme
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