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Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

twitter thread with an update on a story about a pregnant cat giving birth under a man's bed and him adopting her and her babies | thumbnail includes two pictures including a mom cat with kittens 'So... I JUST FOUND A CAT THAT IS NOT MINE AND IT HAS HAD BABIES UNDER MY BED' and a man with five cats 'They've seen me in all my darkness and in all my light. They're with me in strength and struggle. 5yrs go by like days when every moment with them is my best life. Even'

5 Years Later: Cat Momma Gives Birth Under Random Man's Bed, He Adopts All The Kittens (Viral Tweets)

The wholesomest story
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18 images and comments about cats, 1 video of a cat | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Joint - because he's so attached. the dodo', 'Toy - One day I went to pick him un the dodo' and two comments including 'Font - I LUV this Cat. Sooo affectionate.' and 'Font - Soooo darn cute! ED'

"She really is like my baby" - Cat That Asks To Be Lifted Like A Baby Is The Most Wholesome Thing We've Seen All Month

Hooman, I require elevation!
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7 pictures of cats and an otter, 10 comments, 1 video of cats and an otter | Thumbnail includes one picture including 'Cat' and one comment including 'Font - Mama cat: This kitten is longer and squeakier than the others. But he is my baby. I shall love him regardless.'

Purrfect Parenting: A Cat's Unusual yet Adorable Adoption of a Baby Otter (Pictures and Video)

Wait until you hear the squeaky noises
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video of a mom cat getting reunited with her kittens after weeks apart | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with a bunch of kittens sleeping on it

Sweet Momma Cat Gets Reunited With Her Kittens After Weeks Apart (Video)

The most heartwarming reunion.
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video of a cat reacting to a newborn human baby | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat lying on a woman's pregnant belly and a man holding a cat and a baby in his arms

Cat Who Sweetly Snuggled With Mom's Pregnant Belly Finally Meets The Newborn Baby (Video)

Cats are far more emotionally intelligent than most people think
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20 pictures of cats and babies being friends | thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby's and a cat's hands and a baby and  a cat looking out the window

Purr-fect Babysitters: 20 Pictures Of Cats And Babies Being BFFs

Babies and cats steal the show!
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20 pictures of cats and text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat' and 'Font - - 16 hr. ago I see you've requested the crazy cat lady stater pack please find enclosed 4 kittens mother and vouchers for nuttnurse desexing. Thankyou for shopping at crazy cats Dotcom 1.0k Reply Share'

'Help! A Stray Cat That Comes To Me Daily Had A Litter Of Babies In My Compost, What Should I Do?': Reddit Thread Gives Heartwarming And Helpful Advice To A Crazy Cat Lady In The Making

You don't choose the crazy cat lady life, the crazy cat lady life chooses you
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video of a mom cat seeing her kitten open its eyes for the first time | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat looking at a tiny kitten

Mama Cat Notices That Her Baby Kitten's Eyes Have Opened, And Her Reaction Is Incredibly Wholesome (Video)

So much wholesomeness.
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48 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog breed' and 'Cat'

30+ Adorable Balls of Floofy Fluffs and Kitty Cats To Brighten Your Day

Friday serotonin boost
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video of a toddler and a kitten being friends and growing up together | thumbnail includes

Mother Adopts A Kitten For Her Toddler, The Two Absolutely Fall In Love With One Another (Video)

We have never seen a baby be this gentle with a kitty before
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17 pictures of a cat, baby, and text and 1 video of a cat and a baby | Thumbnail includes four pictures including 'Flooring - 50 THE S', 'Smile', 'Human body - Lee Wesley @LeeWesl53110464.6h Replying to @Cattuspersonata that means you are not going anywhere without me!' and 'Font - Aiminlaik~ @yunohu_. 5h Replying to @Cattuspersonata That clingy partner'

Cat Literally Won't Go Anywhere Without His New BF (Baby Friend) And The Results Are Hissterical (Pictures & Video)

Taking "joined at the hip" to a whole new level
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reddit thread about a woman going into labor and her cats and dog reacting to it | thumbnail includes one picture of two cats and a dog looking at the camera 'I'm currently in the early stages of labour and I think they all know it... u/highly_uncertain'

2 Cats And A Dog React Hilariously To A Woman In Labor And To The New Baby When It Comes (Viral Thread)

Three very different but equally funny reactions
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video of a cat letting chicks cuddle up on it | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat with a tiny chick sitting on its head

Cat Lets A Bunch Of Chicks Chill On It While It Rests In The Sun, Then A Dog Joins The Cuddle Pile (Video)

Wholesomeness and calmness all around
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19 pictures and comments about cats and one video of a cat | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Cat - CATS ACTUALLY PREFERS WHEN YOU USE "BABY-TALK"', 'Cat - IF YOU ARE USING "BABY-TALK" AND THEY CONTINUE TO IGNORE YOU.... IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY'RE CHOOSING TOO', 'Cat - BECAUSE..... CATS' and one comment including 'Human body - rebeccalameiro to animals using a normal voice don't pass the vibe check People who speak'

Funny Video Exposes That Cats Prefer Baby Talk And Confirms That They Can Be as Cold And Heartless As Your Mother-In-Law (Pictures & Video)

Come heeeeeeeeeere widdle baby we wuv u so muuuuchhhhhh!
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twitter thread about a cat getting more affectionate with a pregnant woman | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Keke Palmer @KekePalmer My cat Jackie can tell there is a baby coming. Idk how, but she has never ever been so clingy. Like EVER. Now she is climbing on top of me to cuddle. She's going to be devastated. Any tips? 10:15 PM - Jan 18, 2023 - 9.8M Views 2,229 Retweets 555 Quote Tweets 123.5K Likes'

Cat Suddenly Becomes Incredibly Clingy Toward Her Pregnant Owner, The Internet Reacts (Viral Twitter Thread)

Keke Palmer understands us.
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video of a baby tiger, a jaguar cub, two wolf pups and a baby hyena playfighting and snuggling each other | thumbnail includes two pictures including a jaguar cub and a tiger cub cuddling two wolf pups

Baby Tiger, Jaguar Cub, Two Wolf Pups And A Tiny Confused Hyena Adorably Playfight And Cuddle (Video)

Baby cuteness coming from every direction.
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